Data Outsourcing Strategies Can Skyrocket Your Website Brand

big data and website Personalization
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Big data is invaluable for leveraging your brand assets. Your website is a prime example.

In 2020, the benefits of big data are more accessible than ever. With a few technical skills and a detailed understanding of big data, it is very easy to start your own business from home with the help of data platforms like KissMetrics or even SAS. For example, it has become very easy to build a large online store with platforms such as WooCommerce and use drop-shipping to sell products without having to stock anything at all. These companies use the widest array of big data and machine learning algorithms to deliver value to their user base. You can position yourself as a major retailer, when in fact, you’re a teenager working from your bedroom.

You can also expand your business and your brand and take it international with the right combination of a great website and a data-driven marketing strategy. SAS talks more about this practice, but we will summarize the essentials below.

Bringing Big Data into the Fray with Your Marketing Strategy

There are plenty of ways that you can use big data to aid with your marketing strategy. If you are a personal trainer for example – you would traditionally have your income limited by your availability and the number of clients that you can find in a limited geographical area. If you take a personal training business online, however, after building and promoting your website, you are no longer limited geographically and with template diets and exercise programs, you are literally able to earn money whilst your sleep – while helping clients from all around the world. This wouldn’t be possible without big data.

Creating an online business model is harder than it seems. Where does big data come into play? You can use predictive analytics tools to project how people in various regions will respond to your offers and marketing methods.

One challenge as your business grows, however, can relate to building your brand and making it trusted and respected. Also, if you do manage to expand your service and products to an international market, it can make customer service more difficult if your clients and customers are in different time zones.

Using data outsourcing can not only help you to build your brand, but you can also build your customer base and improve your brand’s image and trustworthiness, without having to invest in full-time staff. I read a great article on DataFloq on big data outsourcing, which is worth the read. You can find a lot of experts with big data technology. With the right outsourcing, in fact, it is possible able to maintain your business and keep all of your clients or customers happy without having to give up your day job!

Virtual Receptionists

Using a virtual receptionist can be a great way to make your online business appear like a well-established business with a ‘bricks and mortar’ presence. Big data has made it possible for them to provide a high-quality call answering service, which gives you access to a dedicated virtual receptionist, who will get to know your business and deal with your customers to a standard similar to that of a full-time hire. You can also opt for a 24/7 service with most providers, meaning that if you have customers in different time zones, they can be dealt with whatever time of day, or night that they call.

Using a virtual receptionist will also mean that you can focus on the core work of your business and reduce interruptions from annoying phone calls and the like. In addition, you will not have to worry about missing any important sales leads or inquiries as you focus on the work that you have to hand.

Using a vanity phone number and virtual address can also help to reassure customers. If your contact page uses a residential address and a mobile telephone number, for example, potential clients or customers may.

Virtual Assistants

Using a virtual assistant can be a great way to free up time from doing repetitive tasks & simple tasks such as data entry. Like virtual receptionists, virtual assistants are available to hire all over the world and in different time zones. With this in mind, assistants can answer emails within minutes, even if it is received during the night (in your time zone).

Many virtual assistants will also be able to speak several languages – a potentially huge advantage and asset to have available to you if you serve an international market.

Live Chat

People like to chat, and surveys suggest that website visitors enjoy using live chat. Back in 2015 for example, consumers rated live chat the highest compared to any other customer service touchpoint according to the latest Customer Service Benchmark results from Maru/Matchbox.

Using live chat is easy for website visitors, especially when compared to ringing a call centre to resolve any issues that you may have. Also, issues are often resolved quickly with live chat and to a high level of satisfaction. This not only improves customer service, but it can also improve your online sales and enhance your brand and reputation.

Specialised Skillsets

You can outsource virtually every element of your business that does not require hands-on expertise. For example, in relation to your brand, you can easily outsource your marketing to an expert located anywhere in the world via sites such as PeoplePerHour. In addition, it is easy to find a graphic designer to create a logo and a web designer to create a beautiful website.

Using outsourcing websites can be much more affordable than using a brand or marketing agency, especially if you use an expert located in a country with a smaller economy, as typically their cost per hour or cost per project will be a lot lower.The number of opportunities is endless. One of the biggest examples is in the marketing sector. A growing number of social media companies are offering real Instagram followers and other social media services with machine learning and big data.

Big Data Outsourcing is the Wave of the Future

Big data is changing the way businesses operate. You can outsource these benefits to big data experts all over the world.

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