AI Software Can Help Your Business Cultivate a Competitive Edge in 2021

AI is key to the development of software, apps and other technology necessary for modern businesses to thrive in 2021.

ai in software development
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Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a central focus of countless businesses. Savvy small businesses recognize that AI technology can assist them with almost every aspect of their operations, including employee management, trend forecasting, fraud prevention and financial management. Due to these benefits, the global market for AI is projected to be worth $733 billion by 2027.

AI is quickly transitioning from a modest competitive advantage to a necessity. Technology has always been important, but the new generation of AI technology is even more important today. In 2021, simply having a website is not enough; or, at least, not enough to scale your business and truly accomplish astonishing things.

Today, competition is so rough that every business must be extraordinary in order to survive in the market. However, a very important aspect is how much you care about your customers. AI technology is assisting with all of these aspects of business.

Do you love your customers? Do you want them to come back and order again? Do you want your brand’s name to come to their mind first whenever they require a product or service that you’re offering?


Then, in 2021 you need to be outstanding and stick in their mind from the very first moment and through every action they take on your website. New machine learning and data analytics tools have made it easier to understand their buying decisions and optimize your funnels, both through your offline and online marketing channels. You can use AI tools to transform each action, each click and each scroll they make into an experience worth remembering and, even more importantly, worth talking about to their friends. Why? Because word of mouth will always be one of the best marketing practices.

In order to achieve all of the above and more, you need to focus on three important aspects of AI: software development, web development, and app development. We are going to talk about all of them and help you understand why focusing on them is so important in 2021.

Software development with AI: focus on the brain of your company

Your business will never work and think on its own. It follows your instructions and thinks the way you tell it to think. More importantly, it acts and works as you build it to. If you don’t focus on organizing the information and making everything run smoothly together, as a whole, there will always be glitches and things to fix. There will always be errors, unhappy customers and tired employees who simply can’t find the time to finish their tasks anymore because there is always something else that comes up.

This is one of the most important benefits of AI. You can use AI technology to carefully optimize your software applications and ensure they seamlessly match the needs of your business.


Basic software applications should use machine learning algorithms to run smoothly on their own while you can take the time to focus on expanding, scaling and building up the business. Great customer service, order processing and efficiency all start from the organization of information, which is organized and optimized by software engineers with incredible experience in AI algorithm development.

AI-driven software services include big data enabled CRM systems, custom dashboards, system integrations, booking platforms and any other systems meant to make any action easier for both you and your users.

Understand how your customers interact with your website, see where they get stuck. Talk to the customer services employees and see what people complain most about. What is it that makes it hard for them to take a certain action? Find all these errors and have them fixed; results will start showing up in a matter of weeks, if not even days.

Web development: make your website respond to your users’ actions

If you manage to make your website flow, adapt and “dance” with each one of your users, you’ll be unstoppable. Your website must leave an impression, and not make users think: “This website looks as if it was made back in the 90s…” This is where web development comes in; it fortifies the home base and impresses users at every click and scroll.


Your customers come to your website to get an answer to one of their questions or needs; you need to make sure that not only do they find their answer fast and easy, but in also a marvelous fashion that others did not even think about. With advanced features build on your custom software, you can easily address questions in ways that are far more engaging and impressive than a wall of copy (even if it’s really good copy).

There are two main ways you can design your algorithm: on look and feel, or based on science. For example, there are certain fonts, layouts, colors and icons that are known to help users take certain actions, and you can use them to your advantage.

Outstanding web development will help you make people fall in love not only with your website, but with the entire brand.

App development with AI: time to shine in the app market

Did you know that users tap “Download” over 50 billion times? A well-tailored app is the perfect way to give users the opportunity to access your products and services in an easy, accessible manner.


One of the reasons that apps have become so popular in recent years is due to AI. AI has made the app development process easier and more effective than ever. Apps also rely heavily on AI technology to provide higher quality services to their users, including business owners.

A well-tailored app that uses cleverly written machine learning algorithms will allow you to set the rules as to how you answer your clients’ questions. Your app should not be just a mobile version of your website; it needs to be outfitted to bring extra benefits and a whole different experience that users will want to access. Through pinching, zooming and swiping you can keep customers close to you by leveraging the full potential of AI technology.

When creating a great app with AI tools, you need to think about your user first and the experience they will have. How is it easier for them to contact you within the app? Do they find the menu bar easy enough? Is the app fast enough? Are all the elements organized in such a way that everything looks appealing but it drives sales and engagement at the same time? Are the colors pleasant enough for the eye to make browsing a great experience yet still specifically chosen to help the user take certain actions?

There are answers for all these questions and finding them will help you reinvent your business in a way that you did not even think possible up until now.


Putting it all together

You’re probably thinking that all of these sound great but must be so difficult to achieve. The volume of work is huge, the details are overwhelming and getting it all done might seem like a very difficult task; however, it does not need to be.

As in any other are, there are AI specialists out there who made it their goal to help businesses and individuals such as yourself transform their business into something bigger and better. One of the best software developing companies we can think of is software developers.

The company was born back in 1989 and grew to be a sought-after team of expert developers, coders, engineers, marketers and branding professionals that are able to take something dull and turn it into something that everyone wants the next day.

The firm’s main services focus on software, websites, apps and tech solutions and consists of highly skilled specialists who will not only help you turn ideas into reality, but will also bring in valuable input and will openly communicate with you every step of the way. They are highly knowledgeable about AI, so can help make it a core part of your business model.


The company is so focused on making sure clients are satisfied and happy with the services they receive that they put together a customized team for whatever the client wants. Not only is Seattle Software Developers working hard on client projects, but it also works to develop proprietary software that helps across the board to deliver stellar results. This helps differentiate it from its competitors, and the focus on solutions and solving consumer problems is what sets the firm apart and keeps it on the cutting edge.


Clients and their needs come first, which is precisely the kind of thinking and angle of business that promises long term success and happiness on both ends. So, if you truly want to achieve stellar results, turn your business into a modern, responsive and efficient entity with some help from the amazing team that Seattle Software Developers is.