Data-Driven Digital Marketing Carves Competitive Edge For SMEs

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Big data is playing a vital role in the evolution of small business. A compilation of research from the G2 Learning Hub Shows the number of businesses relying on big data is rising. They cited one study showing that 40% of businesses need to use unstructured data on a nearly daily basis. One of the ways that businesses can gain an edge is with digital marketing strategies that hinge on big data.

Big Data Helps Small Businesses Excel with Digital Marketing

Big data is at the forefront of many fields. One of the fields that rely on big data the most is digital marketing.

Having an online business is a lot like having any other kind of business. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get professional help to expanding your brand and raising your monthly income. The services that you seek from a third party should increase the profitability of your business considerably. You need to make more in net revenue than what you are paying the digital marketing provider. You should hopefully  be able to continue to increase the profitability long after their services have been rendered.

There are digital marketing agencies that offer long-term benefits for their service that are uniquely poised to help businesses deal with the unique struggles of online notoriety. Most large companies who have a web presence employ digital marketers in some capacity. However, you need to know how to differentiate them.

This is one of the areas where big data helps the most. Big data enables you to identify the ROI that you are receiving from various online marketing services.

Big data also helps with the quality of the services that you receive. A number of digital marketing agencies have started using machine learning technology to deliver exceptional service in many areas.

Not sure what a digital marketing agency using big data can do for you? Here are a few ideas:

Refining your audience

Billions of dollars flow through the Internet every year. Having a business of your own is kind of like putting a net in the river of cash flow that’s e-commerce, and hoping you can secure some of the market for yourself. Initially, the size of the holes in your “net” can be considered to be quite large, and a lot of money can flow through these holes because you aren’t targeting your audience properly. A digital marketing agency will work to make sure that people who are actually likely to convert will find your website and use it, as opposed to people who are just thumbing through web pages.

Big data makes it easier to identify your audience and reach them more successfully. This is one of the issues that was addressed in the Entrepreneur article “Big Data is Solving Big Advertiser Problems.”

It makes your site more accessible.

Traditional marketing companies are good at print ads and billboards, while on the Internet, your entire website can functionally be considered a billboard for your services. Many UX tools use machine learning to personalize the experience and help users get more from the site.

Any digital marketing agency worth their salt, such as Riserr, use data-driven methods to structure your site in a way that customers enjoy browsing. Things like mobile compatibility are heavily emphasized as more and more people shop with their phones. Other aspects of your site, like overall performance and layout, are part of their considerations as well, as they have great experience in sales funnel work to take even the most cynical of customers to check-out.

Building your reputation with big data

Nick Ismail of Information Age wrote a great post on how corporations are using big data for reputation management. They aren’t alone. Big data is helping small businesses manage their reputations too. But to what end?

If your site doesn’t look and perform at least similar to the trustworthy giants in your sphere, you’ll never get a greater reputation than being a passion project spawned in someone’s garage. A professional agency has lots of experience with customers both larger and smaller than you, so understanding the level of functionality and finesse necessary for your business at this current moment is their bread and butter. As you deliver a quality service in a quality manner, your reputation will increase in kind.

Big Data and Digital Marketing Make a Great Pair for Small Businesses

It takes money to make money, they say. Investing in a digital marketing agency is like purchasing skilled workers to increase the value of your site, instead of having to hire them in-house and hope for the best. Usually, these agencies have streamlined their processes and can actually deliver their services for a lower price than doing it yourself, something that’s unique to the online world when it comes to outside contractors. If your website is stagnant or you aren’t qualified enough to take things to the next level yourself, you should seriously consider investing in the outside help.


Big data is helping small businesses reap the benefits of digital marketing. They can use machine learning and analytics to create more personalized experiences and make better observations.

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