The Global Billboard Advertising Statistics and Dynamics

In the digital age, information has become more readily available. With consumers a mouse click away, it makes senses that trends in advertising are now leaning away from print ads. Some companies are abandoning traditional advertising methods in favor of flashy webpage ads and spam email. But should marketing really abandon the billboard and other forms of outdoor advertising? Do these methods still have any benefit to businesses?

Signage marketing thrives


It may be shocking that billboards still attract much attention from drivers. Fifty-eight percent of drivers say that they have learned something of interest from digital signage, such as show times for a TV premiere, deals at a restaurant, or the number for a divorce lawyer. Billboard advertising statistics noted that 38% of drivers stop at an establishment that they saw advertised on a billboard at some point during their ride home, but even more staggering is that 24% stopped at the establishment immediately. Consider how many of the billions of burgers that McDonalds has sold are attributed to a billboard.

Based on the subject matter, billboards have proven most beneficial and cost effective to companies. Those in the industries of media, travel, telecommunications, and retail benefit most from billboards. Billboard advertising effectiveness can be seen in the return on investment sales for media advertising which is almost 2.5 times that of advertising made through television, which yielded the second highest returns. Through a clever enough design and campaign, a marketer can make the product stick in a person’s mind, making them a customer. Being unforgettable is paramount to a successful marketing scheme.

Developing a strategy


There are a multitude of factors that go into making an outdoor campaign a success. To maximize the most out of a billboard advertisement, knowing the target audience’s location allows an advertiser to reach as many potential customers as possible. Addressing information in a relatable way to clientele will make them more interested in the advertised product. An advertiser can also use a billboard or outdoor media as an affordable way to scout this information. Successful placement of the billboard within a few miles of the advertised business forces drivers to make quick decisions and more likely to stop at the business.

Other types of outdoor advertising can prove to be useful as well. Construction mesh banners allow for cheap, temporary advertising that can be moved or replaced to better reach an audience. Alupanel signs are a more permanent form of signage and have a professional appearance, displaying confidence and a lasting brand. Airplane banners allow for advertisements to be seen by massive groups of people. The popularity of these ads at vacation spots and beach locations plays into people’s desire to maximize their vacation experience and spend more money at stores and restaurants. Knowing your audience and connecting with them through creative signage is a requirement to profit as much as possible from a campaign.

Connecting outdoor advertising to the digital age

Most shopping decisions are made on the move. Drivers stuck in traffic or on a long commute have time to think about their wants and needs. Billboard advertising capitalizes on this free time. Even today, not everyone has internet access or a TV. Leaving out outdoor advertising cuts out some possible consumers.

Billboards can supplement other forms of advertising. Proper signage can direct potential consumers to online resources like company sites. Advertisers can post links to store websites on the billboard, giving interested consumers easy access to information they need. Placement of promotional codes on signage will also send traffic to websites, as consumers are always looking for ways to save money.This connection between digital and outdoor advertising is what is needed in this new age of advertising.

No marketing campaign should focus on a sole form of advertising. For a campaign to work, there needs to be a meshing of marketing media to reach the most people possible. Mass marketing should not abandon outdoor advertisements. They are a vital stepping stone to success and are still relevant to sales and online traffic.