Big Data Solutions in the AWS Platform

We all know how important Amazon Web Services (AWS) is as a leader in cloud computing and data solutions. With more companies finding themselves dealing with copious amounts of data, it is important to ensure access to big data solutions for computing and analyzing this data. AWS offers an immense variety of cloud computing tools to provide everything from the framework for computing big data, to analytics for understanding that data. Additionally, AWS offers other actions and tools for big data management. Below, we will dig into some of the different features of the most popular big data solutions provided by AWS, and the benefits of AWS for big data. Companies like Parquantix can help you with cost management optimization for Amazon Web Services. With a better understanding of how AWS is approaching big data, your business can make educated decisions on big data solutions in the future.


Before you can do anything meaningful with big data, it must be processed. The managed frameworks and distributed frameworks within AWS allow for quick, cost effective, and simple processing of large amounts of data.  With the ability to run a variety of popular frameworks and only pay for what you use, businesses have the freedom to utilize the big data framework that best fits their processing needs.


Offering a few different analytic tools to choose from, the big data analytic tools available in AWS serve to load large amounts of data while simultaneously loading and processing that data. These real-time analytics platforms boast powerful services. Capabilities include loading streaming data into AWS, analytics to run queries and instantly scale, and the option to build custom apps directly in AWS to process and analyze streaming data.

Storage and Databases

Big data requires big storage. Most importantly, storage options for big data should always be scalable in order to maintain the highest cost effectiveness. Amazon offers several storage and database options to meet the specific needs of a business’ data, with all options being highly scalable and flexible with broad capabilities.

Data Warehousing

AWS offers Amazon Redshift, a fully managed data warehouse. Traditional data warehousing is expensive and difficult to maintain. So, Amazon created Redshift to make it simple and cost effective to manage and analyze large amounts of data. Users can run queries on structured data in Redshift with nearly instant results.


The true value of big data lies in the business intelligence you are able to gain from the data. Moreso, businesses need actionable insights in order to truly take advantage of business intelligence. Within the AWS platform, users have access to Amazon QuickSight. Amazon QuickSight is a business intelligence solution for big data, providing business calculations, valuations, and rich visuals.

Serverless Compute

Managing servers is a thing of the past. With big data serverless compute through AWS Lambda, users are only charged for when code is running and compute is being utilized. This is highly scalable and cost-effective — a huge bonus when working with large amounts of data.

Choosing Big Data Solutions

With several options for big data solutions, it is easy to become overly inundated with information. With that said, AWS is absolutely leading the charge in big data solutions. However, there are other platforms to be considered — such as Google Cloud Platform and Azure. It comes down to the needs of the individual business and the big data that business is working with.

Alexandra Bohigian is the marketing coordinator at Enola Labs Software , a software development and AWS consulting company based in Austin, TX.