Growing Data Privacy Concerns Highlight A Need For VPNs In 2019

data privacy concerns and VPN importance
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Welcome to 2019! As we kick off the new year, we have discovered that many people are expressing greater concerns about data privacy than ever. The proliferation of big data has helped accelerate this trend. Pew Research has tracked polls on data privacy over time. Last year, they conducted a big data and privacy poll that found only around half of all respondents trust either governments or corporations to handle their data properly. Trust in them has fallen further over the last couple of months. As big data becomes more widely available, the number of people that are concerned about their privacy is expected to surge. This has driven demand for VPNs and other top data privacy tools.

Can VPNs Address Privacy Concerns As Big Data Becomes More Widely Used?

A growing body of research shows that VPNs are effective for protecting data privacy, as this ZDNet post points out. However, knowing how to choose the right VPN is important. Some of the older ones weren?t designed for the age of big data. You need to use one that is able to deal with it. If you need to use a VPN, but don?t know how to find one, these tips should help you out. You can read the quick guide below. The guide has everything you need to know about choosing VPN services that are optimized for big data privacy protection. This information will help you to make a well-informed decision.


When it comes to choosing a VPN Service, you need to know the difference between following:

  • PPTP
  • IPSec/L2TP,
  • Open VPN
  • IKEv2
  • Other VPNs

These are different encryption protocols used by VPNs. They are ranked based on their level of security. Every protocol comes with its pros and cons. The weakest link in the chain is PPTP; it has many security vulnerabilities. Keep in mind that as big data is used by more organizations, the need to apply these encryption methodologies is more important than ever. Without getting in the technical aspect of things, we are going to describe the best encryption levels for data privacy with a VPN. So, when you choose VPN, make sure it has the below:


Open VPN

This is perhaps the best encryption available right now. It is based on open source audits and can run on almost every port. This makes it hard to block and stand out in online traffic for anyone looking for VPN traffic. Just make sure your VPN provider is supporting this protocol. It’s more or less the perfect blend of er. speed and security.


This is the second most secure Option available in the market. It is secure, but if you want a solution for your mobile device, you better choose a VPN who offers L2TP/ IPSec protocols. These are specifically designed for smart devices.


You need to choose the VPN provider with a wide range of servers across the world. This will assure you can quickly access any website despite its geographical region. Servers are important as if you want the IP of a particular country, it lets you. It is very important when you try to access a US restricted site only.


It doesn?t matter whether you want the VPN for personal use or professional, the VPN is supposed to protect you. It should take care of your online security, and assure your communication remains private, Therefore, if your VPN is keeping logs, you better leave it. This means the government can access your info sooner or later. It is imperative that your VPN has a No Log Policy. Therefore, in case, the VPN sells your info to any third party, you have a case against them.



There are many cases where the VPN doesn?t allow P2P downloading. Torrents can get the attention of DMCA notices. Why, it?s because torrenting mostly considers of downloading illegal stuff like pirated videos, movies, songs, snaps, etc. Even Open Source VPN doesn?t allow torrenting. So, you need to assure the VPN allows torrenting before you sign up.


Lastly, you need to check the Bandwidth Limit; Bandwidth is the volume of data per unit of time your internet connection or VPN can handle. It is measured in MBPS, the internet with larger bandwidth can handle heavy use. The Bandwidth restrictions can throttle your online experience. So, make sure your VPN is generous with the Bandwidth.


Final Thoughts: Consumers Must Choose the Right VPN in the Big Data Era

Big data has heightened privacy concerns in 2019. You are going to need to use the right data protection tools if you want to protect your privacy. VPNs are proven to be highly effective.


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