Big Data Leads to Better Virtual Private Servers for Small Businesses

Big data has created a number of new opportunities for small businesses. They can use big data technology for business analytics, improving customer service and financial management. Fewer businesses use big data for improving online security, although this is one the of the most promising benefits of big data.

Big Data Leads to Better VPS Tools

Advances in big data have led to newer, more effective Virtual Private Servers (VPS). A small business can use a VPS to encrypt data and shield its true location and identify from hackers to protect itself from DoS and other cyberattacks.

The fact that your online business is growing is something to be proud of. That being said, in order to keep giving users the lightening fast speeds and impeccable service they’ve come to know you for, you may have to end your relationship with shared hosting in order to find a space that is more suitable. If for example you are getting notifications from your provider letting you know your site is taking up too many of their shared resources, or if load times make your users feel like they are stuck in traffic, it might be time to sign up for a VPS.

A VPS has its own operating system and allocated server resources within a bigger server (not to mention more powerful hardware), and each unit functions independently. It’s like switching from an open concept office space shared with three other organizations to your own section or floor, still within the same building but where you can depend on a dedicated set of resources. Furthermore, the activities of other companies do not affect your environment as closely if at all.

What’s more is thatwithin the last 10 years, VPS packages have become extremely affordable thanks to web hosting services like Host Papa who’ve been dedicated to helping startups get off the ground and find success online. Their managed VPS hosting is a fast, scalable and a customizable alternative for businesses that have outgrown shared web hosting. Regardless if you have outgrown a shared server or not, this is also an excellent option for guaranteeing customers security if you run an e-commerce store. Or,if you’re a company developing products and you want to protect your website against potential hackers trying to leak or steal your ideas, a VPS will cover your bases.

With HostPapa VPS hosting solutions you have access to five different VPS options, and you can upgrade from one to the next as your business continues to flourish — in fact, all the packages offer fully automates provisioning so your VPS will be ready in minutes, guaranteed dedicated resources, an easy to use cPanel, root level access, and more. The VPS also allows you to host multiple domains should you be managing a sister site in addition to your own, and provides robust e-mail features including unlimited mailboxes and secure POP3 and IMAP servers so you can reliably keep in touch with your clients.

Finally, this affordable web host also provides top of the line, around the clock customer support by e-mail, phone, or live chat should you have any questions or concerns regarding your new private server. They also have a designated Customer Care Centre that offers an entire base of articles, tutorials, and tips to help you get acquainted with your service.  If your enterprise has outgrown the capacities of shared hosting, or if you think you’d benefit from a more secure server, consider upgrading to a VPS for more space to perform online activities, and higher speeds so you may continue providing users with the best experience possible.

Big Data Has Created Better VPS Tools for Small Businesses

Any small business with an online presence should protect itself from cyberattacks. Big data has led to highly sophisticated VPS tools, which are their best line of defense.

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