What You Need to Know About Talend’s New Community for Big Data Innovation

Talend is a leading provider of big data products and services. Last year, the company announced that it was growing 136%, year-over year, due to some of its highly successful products. Talend continues to push forward with more innovative ideas.

Late last month, Talend announced that it was unveiling a new open-source community for big data developers (Talend called it big data innovation). Ashley Stirrup, CMO, Talend, said that this new community will be a welcoming place for all Talend stakeholders.

“Talend Community should be the first stop for any company or developer tackling a next-generation cloud or big data integration project,” said Stirrup. “This new forum provides a place where customers, prospects, partners, and open source users can easily collaborate and benefit from the vision and technical knowledge of one another. We’re eager to continue growing this active community that has had a significant impact on the development of our product line and the broader market for modern data management.”

What can users expect from the new community?

Streamline Early Integration Jobs

Thomas Groh, VP of Data for Mogo, said that his company intends to use the new community to its fullest potential. Groh said that there are a number of benefits of using Talend’s new open source development platform, but one of the most attractive benefits its toolset. The community has a number of tools that will make it easier for completing small integration jobs.

New Connections Pool the Best and Brightest Big Data Minds

According to Talend, nearly 2,000 new tools have been added to the community. These tools have been provided by countless companies that use their open source tools. Since they have been developed by many different experts with different backgrounds, the new tools will open a number of new doors for developers that join the Talend community.

Growing Offline Community

Talend has built its community primarily online, but its users are organizing a number of local events as well. These events are being held all over the world.

“In addition to having a new online destination for peer-to-peer collaboration, Talend’s community is expanding offline with increased support for regional user groups where developers can meet face-to-face. Highlighting the growing interest in Talend, modern data integration platforms and cloud technologies, new user groups are springing up across North America and abroad in localities ranging from London and Paris to India and Singapore.”

Face-to-face collaboration is still a vital way for big data developers to create disruptive tools for their users in all six continents. Talend will help organize many of these events to facilitate further collaboration in the near future.

What is the Future of the Talend Community?

Talend has been growing faster than almost every big company I have seen over the last few years. It is difficult to predict the future outlook of the company, because things are changing so quickly. However, there are a number of things that users can probably expect.

One of the biggest changes is the improved business insight models the company is offering. They helped Travis Perkins extract unstructured data from Google Cloud to create one of the most sophisticated business analytics platforms available.

Gartner Inc. has also recognized Talend as a leader in its recent Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. Gartner has praised Talend and other data integration tool pioneers for their exceptional data delivery models.

Talend’s recognition as a leader in data delivery tools is likely to inspire them to produce even more cutting-edge technology in the near future. They will probably find more efficient data delivery solutions for their users all over the world. Now that they have a new open source community, they will be able to pool the knowledge and expertise of thousands of big data developers in dozens of countries.

Look to the Talend Blog for Further Updates on their New Open-Source Platform

Talend publishes regular press releases on internal developments with the company. If you are interested in learning more about their new open-source platform, it is a good idea to read these press releases. They will probably announce further updates in the near future.

Ryan Kade is the editor overseeing contributed content at Smartdata Collective and contributes weekly column.