Big Data Is The Core Of Your Audience Targeting Strategy

Big data is the core of your audience targeting strategy. Here's how it all works, and what to know about it.

June 25, 2019
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Big data is making it easier for marketers to make the most of their campaigns. Facebook, Google and other major companies collect massive troves of data, which are invaluable for advertisers.

Unfortunately, this data is useless without a well-thought out strategy. You need to know how to apply your data before you can get any value from it.

Leveraging Data for an Optimal Audience Targeting Campaign

Target markets have become as diverse and dynamic as never before. Customers want innovative products and services to make their lives easier. Brands are using a host of innovative measures to get inside the heads of their target consumers. The idea is to know what they’re thinking. Businesses are spending millions to conduct customer research. Developing and marketing an innovative product isn’t enough. You need to answer this question:  who will use my product?

Contemporary target markets have become quite complex. Getting into the head of your consumer isn’t an easy task. The average consumer’s mindset keeps swinging like a pendulum. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to read the mind of your consumer with naked eyes.

Well, this is exactly where Customer 360 comes in handy. It helps you keep track of what your customers are doing by taking into account a wide range of parameters to ascertain consumer behavior. It also helps you keep track of the search terms your consumers are typing in the search bar. In this way, you can list down positive and negative keywords. This tool relies heavily on machine learning to get the most of any audience targeting campaign.

Here are some tips to use big data to get to the heart of your target audience.

Acknowledge the fact that you have a specific target audience

It’s essential to know that your products and services have a specific target audience. As a marketeer, you need to define your consumers. Remember that you cannot provide everything to everybody. Having a specific target audience in mind makes things simpler for you. In this way, you will be able to target the segments who are likely to use your product or service. In order to understand the needs and requirements of your customers, you need to provide them with an ‘answer’ that’ll solve their existing set of problems.

Avenew Media has talked about this extensively in one of their articles. They pointed out that big data might help you learn about customers, but only if you make it a priority:

“Before you start thinking wildly about hiring professionals to crunch the numbers for you, you should understand that ‘big data’ is not always that big. Most people agree that big data is a marketing buzzword that refers to information your site visitors and customer leave behind. In many cases, the data sets can be unwieldy, hence the ‘big’ reference. However, big data gives you a breadcrumb trail leading to finding and engaging the right audience.”

Identify the needs of your customers

Big data is vital to consumer research. One analysis found that consumer data mining is a $1 trillion industry. But it is only effective if the right insights are extracted from the data.

After you’ve acknowledged the fact that you have a target audience, it is important to understand the needs and requirements of your customers. You cannot keep on churning out products recklessly. Offer products and services that are valuable. It is essential to provide your customers/target audience with a product that’ll help them in the long run. Take this for an example: If the skyrocketing rates of mobile internet packs is a challenge, then established players can broaden their market by providing customers with cheaper mobile data plans.

How will you reach the target audience?

Now, it is also important to understand that your target audience is heterogeneous. It means that having a standard channel of communication won’t help much. There needs to be a set of communication channels that will be put to use in order to get in touch with your audience. The set can include a host of channels such as online, electronic, etc. The idea is to eliminate the middlemen.

Engage your customers

Developing a product and marketing it isn’t enough. You need to stoke the flames of desire within your customers. Talk to them. Engage them in an interesting conversation. Tell them stories that’ll keep them hooked and guessing. Prepare content that induces people to take action. Talk to them using social media platforms and online chat rooms. This will help establish a certain degree of intimacy. Also, it is equally to take customer feedback constructively. Listen to their woes. Give them something that puts their worries to rest.

Establishing customer connect forms the heart and soul of your business. A better informed your customers are, the more they’re likely to buy. An informed consumer base is an asset that’ll reap rich returns in the long run.

Big Data is Vital to Audience Targeting

Big data plays a very important role in digital marketing in 2019. It is especially important when it comes to reaching the right audience.