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Where to Go to Learn About Network Security

The one thought on seemingly every business’s mind is network security. This…

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Keeping Big Data Secure: Should You Consider Data Masking?

Big data is a boon to every industry. And as data volumes…

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Open Data Grey Areas

In a previous post, I discussed some 

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How Much Longer Until Flash Storage is the Only Storage?

In terms of trends, few are as clear and popular as flash…

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What Are Your Big Data Application Options?

Hadoop is an excellent tool for collecting and sorting massive volumes of…

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Your Personal Cloud Meets the Enterprise

In organisations around the world employees are accidently merging their personal and…

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How Virtualization Can Improve Security

Virtualization can do a lot for a company. It can increase a…

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NoSQL vs. SQL: An Overview

With the increase of big data in industries across the world through…

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Data Integration Is the Schema in Between

The third of the five biggest data myths debunked by Gartner is big data…

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5 of the Most Common IT Security Mistakes to Watch Out For

Securing the enterprise is no easy task. Every day it seems like…

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