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Brad is an assistant editor at He is an expert copywriter with over 10 years experience writing about business subject like productivity, HR, marketing and leadership.
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Fintech App Development Discover the Benefits of Using AI

The rapid pace of digitization has caused fintech markets to boom around…

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How Cryptocurrency Is Benefiting From Big Data Analytics

The concept of cryptocurrency is still foreign to so many in the…

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4 Ways Digital Businesses Use Data Analytics For Email Risk Scores

Data analytics is changing the face of digital communications. A growing number…

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Big Data Is Fundamentally Altering the Future of File Transfer Security

Big data is changing the nature of file transfer technology. It is…

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3 Big Data And Automation Resolutions For Entrepreneurs In 2019

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking to get more done…

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4 Ways Data Can Help Increase KPIs For Dispatch Teams

No matter what industry you?re in, it goes without saying that your…

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3 Important Things To Know About Cloud Automation

DevOps has become the go-to methodology that technology companies use to streamline…

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