Amazon’s Cloud Computing Giant is Getting Closer to Full Takeover

Not many know that Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud computing franchise, is just less than a decade in age and already taking a commanding lead among its peers. Amazon has indicated that in the first quarter of 2015, it made $1.57 billion with a profit of $265 million from 2014’s $1.05 billion sales within the first quarter and a profit of $245 million. Nonetheless, Amazon Web Services’ margins had dipped to 16.9 percent from those reported in 2014’s first quarter that stood at 23.3 percent. Apart from the fact that Amazon Web Services is one of the fastest growing cloud computing companies on the globe, its business is now worth $5 billion. The success of the business is a display of the risks and approach of ideas of the company. There is a relentless focus on their customers and rapid innovation including operational excellence. The cloud industry had always known Amazon as one of the largest cloud computing players considering one of its customers is Netflix, a giant video streaming company. After breaking the numbers to the public, it’s now clear how massive it is. In fact, while Amazon had revenue of $4.6 billion in all of 2014, one of its competitors, Rackspace, pulled about $1.8 billion within the same period. Amazon’s approach to cloud computing and the success of its Amazon Web Service is a clear depiction of the fact that customer oriented solutions will always bring in the needed results. This is clearly seen in its approach to take a risk and focus relentlessly on customers at the same time innovating rapidly and ensuring its operations are excellent. The company has indicated that it manages through two unique traits that sometimes seem to be very contradictory. This includes the willingness of the business’s long term approach and delivering to its customers really fast. This has allowed the company to draw within its ranks a lot of dedicated customers that fuels their resolve to invent even more. Amazon Web Services has a customer base of over a million in its cloud storage and computing services and the release of the finances was the first since the company was launched 9 years ago. As the business sought to attract even more customers for a whole decade, it has slashed its pricing for about 48 times from the time it was initiated. This is why even carrying out a performance issue query for a database is much easier. Database performance best practices indicate trends while establishing baseline for lazy writes, table scans, second per write and high seconds for every read and life expectancy of a page, among others. It was also revealed Amazon Web Services growth of revenue of over 40 percent from one year to the next makes it the enterprise IT Company with the fastest growth globally. Clearly, cloud computing is here to stay and with such a strong competition corporations can only reap big out of it. Lots of great products are also entering the market and organizations are renewing their profit making ways due to the cloud.