6 Reasons That Data-Driven Email Verification Is Absolutely Critical

Big data is very important for improving the email verification process.

email marketing with big data
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Big data is playing a very key role in the future of email communications. A growing number of companies are finding more innovative ways to use data technology to streamline communications and build more personalized relationships between various stakeholders.

One of the most important benefits of big data lies with email verification. Data-driven companies are finding smarter ways to use big data to verify the identities of their subscribers and consumers, which is proving to be very useful.

Big Data is Making Email Verification Much Easier

Everything in the world of business has to be properly maintained for effective long run success. This includes the relationships with clients, suppliers, and employees, as well as the technical systems and equipment used in the business. And similarly, the email data of the recipients are also required to be well maintained to ensure that these emails actually belong to someone that the business seeks to connect with. This helps in a number of ways, including bolstering email security and improving the ROI of email-related business funnels.

A business will not be able to reap the benefits of a perfect email list such as amazing opening rates, good customer retention rates, prevention of phishing, and perfect ROI if it fails to take care of the email work on a regular basis. And actually, the opposite is most likely to take place if the email lists of a business contain lots of fake and inactive email addresses that do not belong to actual individuals because such email addresses are capable of ruining the delivery statistics and they also harm the reputation of the business with the email service providers, which does not result in any good, in the long run.


This is one of the biggest benefits of big data technology. It can help sift through the real email addresses from the bogus ones.

This is where email verification helps significantly! There are many tools to verify email addresses available now that make all the processes of email verification very easy. Let’s discuss the process of email verification in detail now.

What Is Data-Driven Email Verification?

In very simple and easy words email verification is the process in which an email address is verified to see if it is still active without being required to send it a message or anything. Most businesses and users find this process very useful because it helps a lot in reducing both the soft and the hard bounce rates from all the email campaigns while keeping the overall outgoing mail server’s reputation absolutely perfect.

Big data has made the process easier, because it has led to more sophisticated email verification algorithms. The email verification services can be used to do all validation work in bulk to save precious time, money and manual efforts with all the API integration, which enables businesses to analyze the entire mailing lists quickly and automatically so that the “fake email” sign ups and other details that are not valid are prevented easily.


So, all in all, it means that email verification is very important for all the businesses and organizations and the email verifiers are essential tools for everyone.

6 Reasons Why Data-Driven Email Verification Is Important/Beneficial:

There are a lot of reasons why email verification and the use of email verifiers is very important and beneficial for all the businesses and organizations in today’s time. Some of the major benefits of email verification are;

1. Data Accuracy:

Email analytics is more important than ever. However, it is only useful if the data that is collected is accurate.

The high-quality data is very important for success in the area of digital marketing. The results of verifying an email list will tell the businesses about the quality of their overall data. If the quality is high, the businesses will know that they are on the right track in terms of all the email marketing work.


And, on the other hand, if a business sees a large number of invalid or wrong email addresses, it should know that there are a lot of things to improve.

2. Email Bounces Are Reduced:

The results of all the email verification are high detailed. They will tell the businesses about which email addresses are undeliverable, which ones are role based, and which ones are the “accept all” ones and so on! Having such detailed information, businesses can choose to get rid of the email addresses that do not have any potential of being beneficial to the business.

As a result of all this, businesses will be practically seeing all their outgoing emails getting delivered where they intend them to. The importance of email verification is actually in the fact that with a perfect email list, the businesses will see almost little to none email bounces, which is beneficial in the long run.

3. Saves Finances:

The process of storing all the emails addresses and sending emails to them costs a lot of money for businesses. Email verification will tell the businesses emails are not valid to be on the list. With such reports, businesses are able to know which email addresses to remove from the lists. The email lists will reduce in number for sure, but it also means that businesses will be saving lots of money.


To all the people who are thinking why email verification is important, the thing is that because businesses will then be sending emails to lesser people, and all the costs associated with storing and sending out emails will reduce, which leads to a lot more financial savings.

4. Deliverability Problems:

A verified email list highly reduces the deliverability issues that mostly arise when the email lists of a business are not verified.

5. Reputation of Sender:

A verified and clean email list will protect the reputation of the sender as well (business), which is very important for being successful in the market.

6. Less Spam Complaints:

Email verification also helps businesses in reducing the spam complaints that they might be getting from people. This also means that data security risks will be lower as well.


What To Consider When Choosing An Email Verifier:

There are a lot of things that must be considered when a business or an individual is choosing an email verifier but following are the most important factors to consider that will help everyone in choosing the best email verification tools;

  • The Costs: Make sure that you always go for an email verifier that isn’t very expensive because you should always try to get the best features for an affordable price. So, keep an eye out for an email verifier that is affordable, yet very effective.
  • Effectiveness: You should look at the effectiveness and efficiency of all the email verifiers that you’re considering buying. Read the customer reviews so that you get a clear idea of what the tools offer.
  • Features: Always try to get an email verifier that has the most beneficial features. You don’t always need the most features but you require the most useful features.

Big Data Email Verification is Very Important

Email marketing is a need of every business and therefore, effectiveness is required in this process. Email verification becomes one of the most important processes when we talk about email marketing and other email related tasks of a business or organization. Email verification is essential and there are email verifiers that work perfectly. So, all the businesses should consider getting email verifiers for achieving even more success in the long term.

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