5 Unique Ways People Use Social Data In Their Business

In this modern age, if you want to take your business to new heights and want to get ahead of your competitors, then you will have to keep up with the technology and trends in digital marketing. One way in which digital marketing helps you a lot is that it provides you social data. No matter what your target audience is, they have social media accounts, they are using hundreds of different kinds of mobile apps, and they are consuming content on YouTube or Netflix.

This allows the business to understand how their target audience behaves and helps them tailor their marketing accordingly. Social data provides us the best digital footprints we can follow for our business. A lot of data is collected from the public after asking their permission, and the rest of it is just simple data that can help you understand the entire cycle of your customer’s journey. In this article, I have mentioned a few ways in which businesses are using social data for targeted marketing.

Event Targeting

Social data can provide you insights on what kind of events your target audiences are inclined towards and helps you target through them. Twitter has an event targeting feature that shows you a calendar and lists all the events on them.

You can then collect the insights on that event to understand which events would be best for your business.  Once you have that information, you can start a new marketing campaign for your business that is strictly focused on those events. You can also mix it up with other targeted selections like age or gender, and you have a highly targeted campaign.

Identify Favorite Trends and Interests

When it comes to sharing content with the audience, the only way you can achieve the best results is by providing your audience with content that they actually like. If you are making content similar to the interests of your audiences, then you will get much better feedback.

With the help of social data, you can check out the interests of your audience via social media analytics and can tailor your content accordingly. You can just check the overall trends on social media platforms, or you can go deeper into insights of Facebook or Twitter and can get the trends against the very audience you want to target by defining the demographics and attributes.

This helps you come up with content that your audience actually likes, and it not only strengthens your marketing but earns you brand loyalty as well.

Target by Social Influence

Social data does not only tell you about the interests of the people or what kind of events they like. It also tells you what kind of people they like to follow. If you have a fan or your business who has their own followers (which in this case turns out to be your target audience), then it can do wonders for your business.

With the help of an influencer, you can provide people with social validation they look for when they are thinking of purchasing something. You can start by looking at your following and can see if there are influencers who are a fan of your brand. Otherwise, you can simply shortlist a number of social media influences that are relevant to your niche and can ask them to review your business or give you a shout out. You can offer them some free service in return, or you can pay them for promotion.

Platform Targeting

The best way to use social data is to use every platform to its own advantage. All the social media platforms have tons of data on their audience, which can help you target people accordingly. With Facebook ads, you can easily target people who are following certain pages or have certain interests without going through any inconvenience. And not just that one, a visitor will come to your website by clicking on the social media link the platforms tracker will identify them. After that, you can retarget them by showing them display ads. If the person has changed their mind about the purchase after visiting your website, then retargeting can help you bring them around.

Email Targeting

We all know the more personalized an email is, the more effective your email marketing campaign will be. But to gather all that information so you can send personalized emails to your target audience requires a lot of effort and time. Even if you try to collect the information through forms, it will only increase the bounce rate on your form because when you ask for too much information, people simply won’t put in the effort. But social data can help you overcome this hurdle. You can access the data that is in public information and was given after permission. This will help you create personalized emails without wasting any time.

Matt James is a veteran marketer & tech geek that has helped many large brands increase their online footprint. He specializes in influencer outreach and business growth.