socialytics (so-shel-lit-iks) – the Holy Grail of social media

May 21, 2010

Social analytics = socialytics  (simply a very natural word evolution)

While researching information for my new social technology consulting business I found myself focusing on social analytics and it’s vital role, that in its glory has truly YET to be developed or seen, in our social media world.   My consulting business model doesn’t revolve around just social media networking, but the ESSENCE of the business integration of social media and it’s technology by-products and user data.   This is why social analytics (socialytics) is so important!  It is the Holy Grail of social media.  And I think anyone that knows even a little about the potential of socialytics would agree with me when I say, like the Holy Grail, socialytics does possess miraculous powers.

The key is…