SAS and Socialytics

May 17, 2010

SAS, a leader in business analytics, recently launched a new offering targeted around gaining business insight into the social web. Socialytics (which I explain in more detail here), is gaining momentum with several new or enhanced offerings available recently. I’m also getting a lot of questions from clients on the topic as they start to realize that creating and collecting social data is only a part of the picture. In a recent conversation with John Bastone from SAS I had the chance to explore their offering in greater detail.

Before I dive into the SAS solution, let me lay out what I think the key components are in a world class socialytics offering:

  • Ability to aggregate (listen to) social data from user selectable sources, both public and private web, internal and external to the business
  • Capability to apply natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics across multiple languages
  • Capability to identify and monitor influencers
  • Capability to monitor brand sentiment across a broad set of channels
  • Backend integration (API’s) to enterprise systems
  • Ability to perform analysis on the intersection of existing corporate data and social data