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Bigger Than Big Data? Mobile User Expectations

How big data is shaping mobile user expectationsBy Jeff HasenHipcricket Chief Marketing Officer, Thought Leader (ART+DATA) Institute and author of Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile...

Posted December 13, 2012    

Keeping Singapore Green with Data and Design

 By (ART+DATA) InstituteThis post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)City Dwelling in SingaporeIt is not simply a matter of city planning in the traditional sense. The very rhythm of Singapore is based on a...

Posted November 13, 2012    

Yo-Yo Ma, Social Scientist

What can we learn from a cello player?By Roger WoodFounder (ART+DATA) Institute Traditional Chinese: 马友友 Yes, a Cello playerWhat can a CEO learn from the most famous cello player of the modern age? A great deal indeed. More than any other...

Posted October 31, 2012    

The Hastings Effect: Netflix Big Data Approach Is Transforming Education

THE HASTINGS EFFECTby Dave FeinleibThought Leader (ART+DATA) InstituteNetflix is known for its personalized recommendations. By analyzing data on what you and other people have watched, they know what movie to recommend to you next. Customers are...

Posted October 26, 2012    

Start-up? You Should Start with a Big Data Mindset

 BY EDWARD BOUDROT Big Data can come in small packages How can a company leverage data across multiple sources to gain valuable insight to deliver all the more value to customers and create a sustainable competitive advantage? ...

Posted October 24, 2012