Andrej Fedek

Andrej Fedek is the creator and the one-person owner of the InterCoolStudio. As an experienced marketer, he is driven by turning leads into customers. His goals always include White Hat SEO. Besides being a boss, he is a real team player with a great sense of equality.
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Data-Driven Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Introduction Did you know that 97.2% of businesses are using big data…

Andrej Fedek Andrej Fedek 6 Min Read

6 Benefits of Data-Driven Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

Thirty years ago, businesses were starting to recognize that data was the…

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Big Data to Play Key Role in Future of Bankruptcy Proceedings

We have previously emphasized the huge benefits that big data plays in…

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Key Criteria When Hiring AI Software Development Agency

There are a number of amazing AI companies. You may want to…

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Big Data Creates Many Great Opportunities With Sales Automation

Big data technology is incredibly important in many aspects of modern business.…

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8 Steps to Leveraging Analytics to Create Successful Ecommerce Stores

Analytics technology is taking the ecommerce industry by storm. Ecommerce companies are…

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The Basic Guide to Marketing Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing

Introduction: What is Marketing Analytics and How Does it Help Marketers? Marketing…

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Huge Benefits of Business Intelligence for Your Company

Introduction: What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence is the collection, storage, analysis,…

Andrej Fedek Andrej Fedek 8 Min Read