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13 Retail Companies Using Data to Revolutionize Online & Offline Shopping Experiences

May 21, 2015 by Trips Reddy

Shopping experience. 

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, despite the e-commerce boom, brick-and-mortar stores will still account for approximately 85% of U.S. retail sales in 2025. While slow to catch up with the digital revolution, retail brands are starting to rethink business models and leverage technology to reinvent the in-store customer experience. Interactive digital displays, touchscreens, digital storefronts, magic mirrors, virtual dressing rooms and in-store kiosks (to order out-of-stock items) are transforming how consumers interact with products in physical stores.[read more]

Ignore Your Business, Rake in the Profits

December 12, 2014 by Bill Franks


Bring together a few people for several hours. Bring an inventory of the various data sources your organization has access to. Then, brainstorm ways that the analysis of that data can be of value to anyone except your organization. Don’t talk about understanding your business with the data, but rather talk about what opportunities the data can support for others outside the organization.[read more]

First Look: Dataiku’s Data Science Studio

November 20, 2014 by James Taylor


Dataiku, a company founded in 2013 and based in France, launched their product, Data Science Studio (DSS), in February 2014. The product is designed to improve the effectiveness and productivity of data teams especially when it comes to turning raw data into an analytic API.[read more]

Self-Healing Virtual Machines Coming to Datacenter Near You?

November 18, 2014 by Natalie Lehrer

One of the more exciting inventions in data center technology has been developed by a team of computer scientists from the University of Utah. The invention is being called A3 which is short for Advanced Adaptive Applications. When unusual activity is detected, A3 tries to automatically repair the code infraction.[read more]


Big Data Meets Fantasy Football

November 10, 2014 by Gil Allouche

Fantasy sports (image: Pixabay)

Because fantasy sports have become such a lucrative business in the United States, there are numerous platforms that companies are using to grab a share of the market. The 2014-2015 season will signal the entrance of another business, perhaps unexpectedly — big data.[read more]

The High Cost of Low Quality IT

April 25, 2014 by Paul Barsch

Risky Business column.

Technology purchases and implementations aren't like buying widgets. A half-baked solution full of “second choice” technologies may end up being unusable to end-users, and cut-rate implementations that are seriously delayed or over-budget can translate into lost revenues, and/or delayed time to market.[read more]

What Is Coinbase?

December 17, 2013 by Chris Dixon

bitcoin / shutterstock

To proliferate widely, Bitcoin needs a killer app the same way HTTP had web browsers and SMTP had email clients. That’s why I’m excited to announce that Andreessen Horowitz is leading a $25M financing of Coinbase, a service that provides an accessible interface to the Bitcoin protocol.[read more]

Peter Drucker Correctly Predicted Today's Information Revolution and the Power of Big Data Variety

December 4, 2013 by Mike Urbonas

Peter Drucker.

Today’s information revolution was predicted by Peter Drucker, the father of modern business management – back in 1998! Remarkably, Drucker also foresaw the power of utilizing Big Data variety to enable effective executive decisions leading to business success.[read more]

Is Big Data Changing The Business You Are In Without You Realizing It?

August 12, 2013 by Bill Franks

Consider the Nike+ product line and specifically the Nike+ FuelBand. While the FuelBand is being sold and marketed by what many perceive to be a “clothing company,” it really isn’t clothing at all. It is an electronics product. Yes, Nike is in the high tech manufacturing business.[read more]

Tag, Anyone?

July 16, 2013 by Erica Driver

RFID tag

The nature of data is changing. At the moment organizations gather data from many different sources including loyalty cards, machine logs, sensor arrays, and social media sentiment analysis (even if they don’t always analyze the data enough). But what about the future?[read more]

Metafor Software: Tracking, Alerts, Reporting

June 30, 2013 by Mark van Rijmenam

Metafor Software

Metafor Software helps organizations track unexpected changes happening in the system environment. It provides alerts when anomalies occur, so that users can take action immediately when inconsistencies occur that could result in errors or even downtime.[read more]


"Long Data": The 15-Second Video to Big Data's Snapshot

June 26, 2013 by Todd Nevins

What is Long Data?

Whether Instagram is considered a Big Data or communications company, it is definitely not just a photo-sharing site anymore. Instagram is now packed with Big Data, Long Data, Social Data and Video Data, giving Facebook all of the data they need to get a return on their $1 billion investment.[read more]

Will Google Glass Turn Big Data into Huge Data?

June 16, 2013 by Mark van Rijmenam

Google Glass (Joe Seer /

Will Google Glass be successful? Only time will tell. When the time comes for products like this to become mainstream, it won’t only revolutionize the consumer electronics industry, but the back-end data processing and handling industry as well.[read more]

First Look: OpenL Tablets

June 9, 2013 by James Taylor

Exigen Services OpenL tablets

OpenL Tablets is an open source business rules management system that Exigen has been developing since 2004. The focus of OpenL Tablets is on allowing business analysts to create and manage business rules independently from a technical team.[read more]

Apple's iRadio: What Is Big Data's Role? [VIDEO]

June 6, 2013 by Mark van Rijmenam

Jeff Kelley on Apple and Big Data analytics

Apple’s streaming music service, iRadio, doesn’t seem to be a Big Data story per se, yet, but Jeff Kelley, Wikibon Principal Research Contributor, explains the opportunities Apple has with big data analytics and how it can improve the customer experience with big data.[read more]