Who Hates Google+ the Most: 16 Views from 16 Networks

google+ sentiment

Whether you were lucky or unlucky to be the first or last person on Google+, most people who  wanted an invite have now checked out the newest threat to Facebook and Twitter.

Are you a Twitter fan who hates the intruder? Are you a reluctant Facebook user desperate for a new option? Are you a die hard Googlite jumping for joy over yet another Google product? We decided to find out who the fans of G+ are.


First, the standard Conversition methodologies were applied including collecting thousands of comments about Google+, Google Hangouts, and Google Circles from across the internet. Whether the comments were written within the Twitter, Facebook, or Google networks, or from thousands of other forums, blogs, and websites, a wide sample of opinions was gathered. Second, we evaluated how positive or negative the opinions were. Third, we examined the sentiment based on the source of the opinions. Drum roll please….

  • Twitter: Yessiree – Twitterites generated the smallest percentage of positive opinions, just 20%. Surprised? Doubt it.
  • Facebook: Did you think they would be second after Twitter? Nope, Facebook users fell closer to the middle with 27% of their opinions in the positive space.
  • Google+: What? Not the most positive? Nope, 29% of their opinions about G+ were positive. Guess they’re not biased after all!
  • Digitalpoint: Who, you ask, are these people? A very passionate group of computerites of whom 46% give Google+ the thumbs up. Be here and be square!

I must admit that I’m most surprised that Google+ users didn’t have the most positive opinions. Which result surprised you?