4 Ways for Data-Driven Startups to Find Electronics Online

Data-driven startups need to invest in the best electronic devices to store data they need to operate efficiently.

data-driven startups need the best electronic devices
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Are you planning on running a startup that relies heavily on data analytics technology? This is a smart decision.

A report by Entrepreneur shows that companies that use big data have 8% higher profits. They also cut expenses by an average of 10%.

There are tons of great benefits of using big data to run your company. You can improve marketing strategies with big data, improve employee productivity, meet compliance targets and track trends more easily.

However, running a data-driven startup is not easy. You have to have the right infrastructure in place. This includes investing in the best electronic devices.

Data-Driven Startups Have to Invest in the Right Electronic Tools

When it comes to shopping online for electronic products, we need to be extra careful. These products have a higher chance of failure because they involve a combination of technologies from multiple fields. Micro components, electronic circuitry, mechanical and thermal strength, and logic are only some of the factors that must be taken into consideration.

This can be a huge issue for data-driven startups. They rely on their electronic devices even more than your average consumer. If their device is compromised, they can lose access to loads of valuable data. The entire future of their company could be at risk.

The good news is that there are also several ways for you to shop online and get your hands on some of the finest electronic products. You will also be able to find some of these retailers offer some amazing deals. Read on ahead to learn about some of these ways that are briefly listed below.

Buy Directly From Manufacturer Websites

The last on this list, which according to us, is one of the best (if not the best) ways of shopping online. Due to the communication advantages of using the internet, it is much easier to get in contact directly with the manufacturers. Buying directly from the manufacturer’s website can serve many advantages. The first and most important one is their expertise. Since they are the ones making and designing the product they have expertise that wholesalers or retailers might not be able to offer. In addition, you can easily request bespoke and custom-made designs to suit your requirements. Another benefit is that you can cut out the middleman, which means that you can even shop at lower prices.

As a data-driven startup, this could be a great idea. You want to find quality suppliers that can give you electronic devices that can reliably store your sensitive data. What better supplier can you find than the manufacturers themselves?

Shop at TME Electronics

TME Electronics is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of electronic products in all of Europe. The business first started off as a family company that offered electronic components for service and small production purposes back in 1990. Over the years, TME Electronics has established itself as the primary distributor of electronic, electromechanical, industrial, automatic, and workplace equipment. Data-driven companies may find that they are one of the best electronic suppliers to work with.

As of July 2022, it serves 133 countries and ships 3,700 packages each day for local as well as overseas deliveries. Finally, it offers 190 unique products for single and bulk orders while the stock for a single product, such as the microswitches or other electronic components. 

Shop at Online Stores

This category needs little to no introduction as most of us are familiar with famous online stores such as Amazon.com. You can find almost any product here and at competitive prices as well. They offer a lot of great electronic devices that can make it easier to store vast amounts of data that your company will need to run efficiently.

These websites have a huge list of sellers selling electronic products of multiple variations. For the sellers, these websites offer the platform to run their shops online without having to go into the complexities of building a brand or a website and running paid ads. The platform will do it for them. The platform acts as a sort of middleman between the buyers and sellers.

Shop at Third Party Sites

Some third-party websites such as TechBargains offer the amazing opportunity to find an electronic product, that we are specifically searching for, and also at the best prices. These websites scour the internet to bring you results from hundreds of different stores. You can then compare the prices and choose from the one that seems the most attractive. Furthermore, these will also let you cash on limited-time deals if any are going on at a website.

That’s not all, some browser extensions such as Honey will also help you save money when shopping for electronic products online. These extensions will automatically search for coupons on a website. You can then easily add the coupon code on the payment page for some additional discount (yay!).

Shop at Community Driven Websites

Community-driven websites like Slickdeals work independently of any buyer or seller but rather through the community. On the first look, you will see the website looks like an online shop, but the deals you will see are submitted by members of the community. For quality purposes, the rest of the community voted on the deal so you will see the top-rated ones first.

These websites would often hire curators as well. These people review the product by testing it out. So, if you’re looking for a specific type of microswitch, for example, whether it is a snap action or tact, you will most likely find a review or at least a deal that hasn’t been listed by any retailer or seller. Instead, by a member who has probably used the product before.

Data-Driven Startups Must Invest in Quality Electronic Devices

You can find a lot of great electronic devices that make it easier to run a startup that depends on big data. These options will make it easier to find the ones that you need.