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Carole-Ann’s Predictions for 2015!

Yes, you have read the title correctly.  I thought about making predictions…

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The Year of Text Analytics

NGMR Text Analytics Predictions for 2012 Though I’ve been posting predictions all…

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2012 Market Research and Analytics Job Predictions

2012 NGMR Recruiter Predictions (Predictions Part III of V)

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2012 Research Predictions (The NGMR Twiteratti – Part 1)

Last week I put out the word that I was looking for…

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Top BI Technology Trends in 2012

According to Information Week’s 2012 Business Int

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Gartner Trends Report Paints a Bright Future for BI

In November, 2011 Gartner published a report, “Business Intelligence Adoption Trends, 2011”…

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SAP Aims to be More Cloudy and Mobile in 2012 and Beyond

I attended the annual SAP Influencer Summit (Twitter #SAPSummit), at which executives…

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What Cloud and SOA Will Bring in 2012: Seven ‘Half-baked Ideas’

The year 2011 has been an interesting year in terms of SOA-cloud…

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BI 2012 Predictions – No Way!

It's that time of year when every analyst worth his or her…

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‘Garbage in, garbage out’ — with a 2012 Twist

GIGO — or ‘garbage in, garbage out’ — has been the programmer’s…

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