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Analytics in Malaysia: News and Interviews from the SAP Analytics Tour

The second leg of the SAP Analytics Innovation Tour of Asia and…

Timo Elliott Timo Elliott 1 Min Read

Takeaways From Your Next Predictive Analytics Conference

Why should one go to a predictive analytics conference? What should one…

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Analytics Moves To The Core: Reporting from the Gartner Summit

I attended the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit last week in…

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OLTP meets OLAP, BI Conferences, Sybase Who? And Other News

The Big NewsThe big news over the last week has been, of…

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An Overview of Predictive Analytics World

Author: Amanda BrandonSpotfire Blogging Team

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Leading Companies to Share Case Studies at PAW NYC October 16-21

  Predictive Analytics World NYC Highlights

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Takeaways from the Information Builders Summit

Earlier this week was the first time I attended an Information Builders…

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Guest Blog: Data 2.0 Conference Report

  Note: This post was written by Scott Nicholson, a Senior Data…

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SAS Global Conference 2009

The resources for SAS Global Conference are now online athttp://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings09/TOC.htmlThe SAS Global…

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