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The Role of Analytics and BI in the Entertainment Industry

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that no one understands you better…

Diana Hope Diana Hope 5 Min Read

How Retail Shifted from Business Intelligence to Data Science

Technological change happens fast and usually just as we have gotten used…

Jasmine Morgan Jasmine Morgan 8 Min Read

10 of the Top Marketing BI Software Options

Business can be complicated sometimes. It’s not always easy to keep track…

Hayden B. Hayden B. 5 Min Read

Industry Exposé: Technology Vendors Skew Analysts and Influencers

In my more than a decade of writing on the trends and…

Mark Smith Mark Smith 10 Min Read

Outsourcing, Off-shoring and Near-shoring – what works or doesn’t for BI & DWH

When it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) and Data warehousing (DW) there…

shaughn.knight shaughn.knight 15 Min Read

Splunk: Big Data Machine for Operational Intelligence

Splunk recently entered the financial markets as a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SPLK)…

Mark Smith Mark Smith 10 Min Read

Bidirectional Business Intelligence: What You Need to Know

Historically, business intelligence (BI) has always been about presenting information to users…

David Abramson David Abramson 9 Min Read

Dresner: Mobile Business Intelligence to Transform BI Industry

Highlights from the Howard Dresner Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study 2011 webcast

Yellowfin Yellowfin 7 Min Read

Words at Work: Defining “Business Analytics”

When someone mentions “business analytics” or “business intelligence”—do they mean what you…

Brett Stupakevich Brett Stupakevich 4 Min Read