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Worst Practices While Deploying a Predictive Model (Contd.)

shaughn.knight - July 27, 2012

In my previous article we saw what are all the worst approaches followed by organizations while deploying a Predictive analytic project. This article will provide you information…

Predictive Analytics

Worst Practices While Deploying a Predictive Model

shaughn.knight - July 23, 2012

With the inception of predictive analytics the reactive decision making has been proven unsuccessful. Organizations have started to take more proactive approach by using predictive analytics to…

Big Data

Why Mobile BI is becoming the first choice for BI users?

shaughn.knight - July 9, 2012

Mobile business intelligence is becoming a leading trend within the BI market. According to Gartner, one-third of all Business Intelligence access will be through mobile devices in…

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Outsourcing, Off-shoring and Near-shoring – what works or doesn’t for BI & DWH

shaughn.knight - May 14, 2012

When it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) and Data warehousing (DW) there are always contradictory attributes arising within the industry. One among them is vendor selection. Whether…

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Self-Service BI & Adapting Line of Business (LoB) Executives

shaughn.knight - April 21, 2012

Today, BI has sprouted more than just a technology as organization across the globe demand over more relevant and faster information to support decisions. Eventually data volumes…

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Business Intelligence Implementation – How to Guarantee Your Success

shaughn.knight - April 16, 2012

Organizations often start their sophisticated Business Intelligence implementation with aspirational and competitive goals in an attempt to meet their business needs. However, they are ending up or…

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BI in the Cloud

shaughn.knight - April 4, 2012

Business intelligence (BI) industry is experiencing a profound effect since the inception of Cloud computing. The exponential growth in the use of amorphous data by companies, including…