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4 Ways Predictive Analytics Will Improve Healthcare

Medical care has relied on the education and expertise of doctors. Human…

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5 Tools That Use Big Data For Social Media Optimization

Big data is changing the nature of digital marketing in ways we…

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SocialCaptain Review: IG Growth Tool Uses AI to Get You More Instagram Followers

Predictive analytics has played a key role in numerous marketing functions, particularly…

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Are Fears of AI’s Takeover Exaggerated?

It’s not hard to understand why people are worried about artificial intelligence…

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Societal Remedies for Algorithms Behaving Badly

In a world where computer programs are responsible for wild market swings,…

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How Algorithms Changed The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Algorithms Changed The World:visualoop:Via How Algorithms Changed The World:visualoop:Via

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Three Implications for the Rise of E-Readers

For the first time ever, Amazon.com sold more electronic than printed books.

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Has Personalized Filtering Gone Too Far?

In a world of plenty, algorithms may be our saving grace as…

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Match Mitigation: When Algorithms Aren’t Enough

I’d like to get a little technical on this post. I try…

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Rating agency data: Getting gamed

It looks like the rating agencies, which contributed so much to the…

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