The Role Big Data Plays in Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing with big data

Influencer marketing is the leading way in which brands can get noticed. Big data is also one of the leading ways in which companies manage to find out about their customers and to tailor their marketing campaigns. So, it makes sense that you should come together to maximize your chances of being seen.

So, what role can big data play in influencer marketing?

Finding the Key Influencers

Discovering key influencers can be done manually, but it takes a lot of time and effort. The best way to find key influencers is to use big data. By taking advantage of huge databases, you can easily narrow down your search to find key influencers within the big markets.

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to make a career blogging, and make some serious money, because they can easily figure out which influencer is best for their niche.

Discovering True Influence

Someone may look like they have a lot of followers on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean they have true influence. Big data is one of the only ways in which you can easily get an idea of ‘true influence’. This can be accomplished through using web metrics and reliable data extracted from segmented databases.

Big data is ideal because it can keep up with how dynamic this data is. Someone’s true influence can change in a matter of months. By linking true influence to data, you have a more reliable and less flawed set of numbers.

Taking Advantage of Millions of Sources

Big data is the only way in which you can analyze millions of sources all at once. And big data considers multiple sources, including blogs, social media, news sites, and even the traditional mainstream media. This is impossible to do manually without a huge team at your disposal. For the first time, big data has made these numbers available to individuals and small businesses.

Overall, big data has increased the accuracy of influencer marketing. No longer is it a case of targeting just the bloggers you happen to read yourself. Big data within influencer marketing allows you to easily discover new influencers and to segment them into niche categories, so you know that every approach is giving you maximum value. That’s ultimately how you start making lots of cash online.

Analyzing Content for Substance

Basic influencer marketing is often based on a quick scan of a blog and checking how many followers someone has on social media. The problem is that looking into someone’s reach and inspecting someone’s content takes time and effort. Big data makes it easy to analyze content for substance.

By looking into someone’s content you can find out more about their true influence and whether their content really matches your audience. This will allow you to be more accurate in your approaches and you’ll get far better returns on your influencer marketing efforts.

Being Able to React to Real-Time Data and Profiles

The key to thriving instead of surviving online is to be dynamic. You need to be able to move with the times and you need to keep your data fresh. Big data keeps up with real-time changes because it reacts to both the profiles you see and real-time data on activity.

Someone could have a profile with a huge reach, but their activity has declined in recent months. Big data will be able to tell you all about this and you won’t have to worry about trying to build a relationship with someone who’s seeing a decline in performance.

Furthermore, you can constantly refer to your data to ensure that you’re still on the right path. Doing this manually is impractical for even the biggest of businesses.

Last Word – Making Big Data Work for You

Making big data work for you is relatively easy, since even small businesses have access to highly advanced data. The trick is to segment the various metrics to make sure that you’re only concentrating on the ones that really matter. The mistake businesses make is they try to consider every metric when it’s far from necessary.

Choose the right metrics and you’ll notice that your influencer marketing campaigns see a remarkable improvement. Have you started your next influencer marketing campaign yet?

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