Reconsidering the Contract of IT Outsourcing to Aid the Digital Business

In the coming years, there are numerous companies across the globe, which need to renew their contract of IT outsourcing or offshoring. A lot of money is at stake and the profit as well as loss depends upon the appropriate decision of the renewal or shifting to a different source. However, before we move with the attributes which contribute to the decision making, let’s have a look at, what is IT outsourcing? In simple words, it is hiring external services that will proficiently handle the IT-enabled procedures, infrastructure solutions, and application services for the outcomes of the profitable business. This has both the positive as well as negative aspects and when the contract comes to an end, you might get an opportunity to start afresh.

How to Utilize the End of Contract?

When the contract ends, it involves an investment of a huge amount of capital either for the renewal or a new contract. However, in exchange for the finance, you earn a golden opportunity to revise the mistakes of the past. On the other hand, if you think that you have a checklist of your mistakes and plan to avoid it while selecting a new vendor for outsourcing, then you might not be on the right track. Sorting your mistakes is necessary but is not an assured way to find a competent dealer, as the market has various options with minor differences. Now the question is, why outsource the IT services? Outsourcing IT services can lead to numerous benefits; a few of them are as follows:

  • Enhanced time to market.
  • Helps develop suitable sourcing strategies and vision.
  • Design the most cost-effective contract.
  • Make sure to design a win-win deal with external service providers.
  • Can reduce the cost to the enterprises.
  • Take advantage of intellectual property.

Many of the experts think otherwise and believe that the IT firms need to analyze their activity on a daily basis in order to avoid any financial crisis. The main issue while signing a long duration contract in the versatile world of science & technology. If the firms maintain a dynamic approach to the changing world, then the adaption procedure becomes convenient without offering much effort. Keeping this aspect in mind, the contract must be reconsidered even before the contract comes to an end.

You should also pay attention to the adaptiveness of the company. Some firms offer a less versatile array of services than others. You want to look for an end-to-end company that has demonstrated resilience with responding to marketplace solutions. Blue Fountain Media and AMP Agency are a couple of the companies that have demonstrated this aptitude.

Arrival of Software Bots in the World of Technology

To keep a balanced pace with the elevating demands and developing technology, the latest technologies are being invented. One such technology is software robot or BOT. With the advent of this technology, the need for manpower has reduced to a great extent. Thus, the concept of one-time payment is replaced with the concept of pay-as-you-go services. This helps in saving fund in a great way in conjugation with the increased efficiency.

How to Proceed with the Renewal Program?

The renewal of the contract demands a strategic rather tactical approach. With the significant changes in technology and the onset of the artificial intelligence, cloud computing as well as automation, the entire picture of the IT business has changed drastically. The technology-driven digital businesses are the latest phase of the IT firms and the contracts should be designed accordingly. It is not suggested to design an alluring app for the customers if the queries are not addressed properly with immediate effect. This is taken care of the Business Process Outsourcing or BPO and IT Outsourcing or ITO. In order to cater to the needs of the consumers, the Software as a service (SaaS) and PPC or Pay per click also contributes in a great way.

Attributes to Ponder While Reconsidering the Contract

Apart from designing the selection procedure, it is important to have a backup exit plan to save you from the tight corners. This not only helps save the time as well as money but also protects the hardware and software assets. Some of the IT firms can also consider bringing the services in-house if sufficient sources are available. This helps in transforming the business into a digital enterprise. This plan can only succeed if there is proficient manpower available in the organization as well as in the supplier community to back up the future endeavors. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, it is also necessary to be digitally trained in order to make the firm competent enough to survive in the digital ambiance.

Technical Factors that Contribute to the Correct Decision-making

The following technological attribute needs to be followed while looking for renewal:

  • Cloud Computing– Cloud computing is the next-gen technology that has the power to rule the entire world of technology. It has helped transform the industries from fixed to variable payment procedure, which depends on the performance. This has led to a huge price cutting.
  • Automation & Artificial Intelligence– Automation is a great way to reduce the cost as well as the time to launch a product or service in the market. In short, the automation and artificial intelligence have created a storm in the Offshore Software Development. The Artificial Intelligence is efficiently offering a business-centric platform to a wide range of tasks and also has the capability to remember and learn from the previous errors. Renewal can act as a medium to introduce your enterprise to the latest technologies and advancements like Automation.


It goes without saying that it is impossible to find an appropriate solution at a single place. Hence, the CIOs prefer multi-shoring to enjoy the benefits of various sources at the same platform. Though the renewal usually fits the digital environment, the consultant support also helps in taking a suitable decision. The business consultants help the CIOs with the decision of the renewal of the contract, as it is natural to get confused with the numerous options. However, cautions must be taken while choosing a business consultant. Ideas and implementations are the part of the IT industry and must be done appropriately to enjoy maximum benefits. In order to help the IT firms, the contracts should also be designed in a flexible manner in order to drive the business outcomes in an innovative way.