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Participate in the Talent Analytics IIA Analytics Professionals Study
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Participate in the Talent Analytics IIA Analytics Professionals Study

Participate in the Talent Analytics IIA Analytics Professionals Study

Welcome to the International Institute for Analytics / Talent Analytics, Corp online study to understand traits of Analytics Professionals.

Our Goal:

The goal of this unique study, which has been designed by some of the top minds in the analytics field, is to inform best practices for analytics-driven businesses seeking to better recruit, retain, and motivate analytics professionals by quantifying how analytics professionals complete deep dive analytics-related tasks and how they define success. We hope to capture information from those experienced in deep dive analytics that go beyond spreadsheet work, standard BI reporting tools, and ad-hoc SQL queries.

The Analytics Professionals Study Research Team

Jack PhillipsCEO, International Institute for Analytics
Bill Franks
Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata & Author, Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave
Bob Morison, Co-Author, Analytics at Work
Greta RobertsCEO, Talent Analytics, Corp & IIA Faculty

Who Should Participate:

For the purposes of this study, “Analytics Professionals” are defined as those working with complex analytics for a living. Common job titles include Statistician, Analyst, Data Miner, Predictive Modeler, Data Scientist, Econometrician, Actuary, Informatician … among others.

You may have such a role and title now, or may have had them earlier in your career. In either case we ask that you are currently working closely with, or managing Analytics Professionals today.

What’s In It For You:

In exchange for your participation, you will be invited to an Exclusive, Invitation-only Launch of the Study Results. To ensure your receipt of this exclusive invitation, please make sure to provide us with an accurate email address during registration.

Start the Analytics Professionals Study.


Thank You for Participating!

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