Massive Ways AI Is Improving The Quality Of Exams

AI and online exams
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Although exams are an essential part of the academic structure, conducting examinations requires a serious amount of energy, money, infrastructure, and manpower. It is a stressful time for students and teachers alike and involves a lot of steps- from creating and printing the question papers to correcting answer scripts for the results to be published. Once a phase of the examination is complete, the institution needs to start preparing for another round of exams almost immediately.

For teachers especially, exams can be a frustrating part of their responsibilities. They are required to invest time and energy in organizing the examinations – time and energy that could be used better in the classroom. Checking of answer scripts and publishing of results can be delayed – purely because it is a manual process – and cause anxiety among students.

Online exams, and online processes like MBA admission consulting, are paving the way for the modern academic world. Online examinations have a wide range of long-term benefits that have made them quite the range in recent decades. With the exception of a few, most major academic tests have adopted the online model.

Advantages of using AI Technology for examinations

Artificial intelligence is changing the nature of academia. AI tools are being used for a number of purposes, including handling exams. There are five major benefits of using AI for testing.

1. Maintains the security of the exams

Online examinations eliminate the possibility of any malpractice during exams. This is not the case for traditional exams that are prone to mistakes and errors on a wide scale.  AI has made this better than ever. They can learn about different security breaches. Machine learning algorithms use this information to improve security.

2. Cuts down the workload

Traditional exams have a lot of paperwork going on behind them, but with online exams, none of that is required. Online examinations can be conducted at different places at the same time. There is no need for a physical question paper or answering script as the students take the test on a digital platform. Therefore, a larger number of students can participate in the examination process. AI tools have made things even easier. AI technology can help come up with new questions and automatically improve the experience for students. This reduces the workload for teachers.

3. Creating question papers becomes easy

Every good examination needs a decent question paper. Online Subject Matter experts upload a question bank that is organized into different categories according to subject, topic, and sub-topic. It is up to the online system to create and design multiple question papers based on the questions in the system, leaving the chief moderator to select one in the end. Machine learning tools can find similar questions and make them different for different tests. This means that AI is good for preventing students from cheating by sharing questions and answers with each other.

4. Marking answer sheets becomes simpler

For objective and MCQ based questions, it is practically a waste of time on the teacher’s part to check the answers. It can be done quickly and without the possibility of any errors by an online examination system. The system can run through the question papers quickly and give an accurate score in a matter of moments. This saves the teachers from pouring over answer sheets for long hours and prevents them from burning out and making errors in their marking scheme.

5. Artificial Intelligence can provide students and teachers with valuable feedback

When you use artificial intelligence to take tests and quizzes, it basically records your performances each time. Then, this information can be used to give you feedback on the areas you need to work on and improve, and the areas that you have a fairly good idea about. Teachers can also take advantage of this feedback policy, as it will give them an opportunity to understand and demarcate the exact areas where their students are struggling to understand or deal with a particular topic.

AI is Crucial for Managing Tests

AI is changing the nature of academic testing. Teachers should be aware of the benefits and try to incorporate AI into their tests.

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