What To Know About The Essence Of AI In Video Editing In 2020

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Artificial intelligence is playing a very important role in the future of video editing. Anybody that works in the profession should learn how to use AI technology to get the most value out of their videos.

How can you use AI to benefit as a video editor? Intelligent HQ founder Dinis Guarda has talked about some of the benefits of artificial intelligence for video editing in this article. Guarda stated that AI is helping with automating the process and curating better video footage.

Artificial Intelligence is Revamping Video Editing in 2020

Videos are eye-catching and memorable. Whether you are putting together a home movie or creating a social media marketing campaign, video editing can help you create the best finished product. The good news is that you do not have to be a video editing pro to successfully create impressive videos. Artificial intelligence is making the process easier than ever.

In 2017, Stanford and Adobe researchers created a cutting-edge AI-driven video editing tool. You can learn more about it in this article.


Trends for video editing change each year, and there are some popular styles coming for 2020. There are also several tricks and tips to help you create a polished finished video project no matter your skill level. Keep reading for the tips, tricks, and trends for video editing.

Short videos are valuable.

If you want your video to be watched all the way through, make it short. With video becoming more popular on social media, bite-sized clips are common. A short video allows you to tell a story while keeping your audience?s attention throughout the video. AI tools make these snippets easier than every to produce.

For professionals using videos to market their brand, short clips make excellent social media campaigns. Using AI to simulate motion and activity can increase engagement with a video. For individuals using video for personal use, trim your videos with AI and machine learning features when possible. Short videos of your baby?s first step or your dog?s new trick are more likely to be watched completely instead of skipped over.

Drag-and-drop video editors make the process easy.

As videos grow in popularity, more and more video editing tools are popping up. Artificial intelligence is used in most of the best ones these days.


For people who do not have significant video editing skills, a drag-and-drop interface, like the Movavi video editor, Animoto, Moovly or InVideo is your best option. This type of AI-based editing tool makes it easy to import your raw footage, edit the video, and save your files.

Beyond just trimming a video, drag-and-drop editors enable you to add filters and transitions to your video. You can create a professional looking video without learning the ins and outs of a complicated video editor software. In many cases, the simplified editing tool allows you to upload your video directly to social media, cutting out another step in the process.

Get personal with 1:1 videos.

Whether you are engaging with a customer or talking to your best friend who lives miles away, a one on one video makes communication more personal. These videos are quickly replacing emails and slideshows as the communication method of choice for businesses and individuals. Seeing someone?s face while they communicate can help convey body language and tone where written text cannot.

Nonverbal cues make up 93% of communication. This means that what you say is not as important as how you say it. With a one on one video, you can clearly articulate your message while conveying emotion and meaning through your tone of voice and body language.


Try sharing your screen.

Have you ever tried to walk someone through a complicated process over the phone? The interaction was probably very frustrating for both parties. Instead of wasting time trying to verbalize or write down instructions, show someone the process through screen shares. There are many tools available to help you capture what is on your screen and incorporate audio to describe the steps.

If you use a video editing tool like the one mentioned above, you can trim the video and add transitions between steps. Whether you are helping your grandmother log into her email account or assisting a customer with a complex software process, a screen recording can make the interaction more positive and effective.

AI is the Key to Successful Video Editing

Modern video editors need to embrace AI technology. New AI tools make it easier to produce higher quality videos in much less time.



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