Machine Learning And RUM Are A Pivoting Point For Online Business

machine learning in businesses
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You can’t overlook the importance of machine learning in modern business practices. Machine learning is proving to be especially valuable for online businesses. One of the most important ways companies are using machine learning is with real user monitoring.

Real user monitoring, or RUM, is a process that allows developers and business owners to see how their customers are interacting with a website in real-time. The process monitors page view requests as well as HTTP input to see where visitors are going, how long they’re staying on the site and where they came from. You will even be able to track visitors’ locations, giving you important trend information pertaining to where your marketing focus should be.

This process relies heavily on advanced machine learning algorithms. They are able to get a better understanding of customer behavior and optimize the experience for them.

There are many benefits to using RUM that can improve how your site functions and operates.


Understand the Reasons for a Slow Page

There are many different reasons for one or more pages on your site being slow. Some of this has to do with hosting issues and errors or the number of visitors who are landing on one specific part of the website. Regardless, understanding which pages are loading slowly and how to fix them is helpful when improving online user experience. By using real user monitoring, you can see where they’re landing and how to improve speed.

Find Your Most Valuable Customers

Chances are that you’re going to have one or more people visiting your page regularly. If you have a blog, they might be interested in reading valuable content or commenting on posts. If you sell online merchandise, they might be regular clients who make routine purchases. Monitoring their activity on the site can help you to identify your most valuable visitors, and it is up to you when it comes to offering them some type of incentive for visiting so much.

Full Software Visibility

With the proper monitoring, you are able to spot bugs, errors and glitches in real-time, making it easier for you to fix these problems before they can affect your entire online presence. The vast majority of your customers will not report bugs or errors when browsing each page. Because of this, you need to do the monitoring and tracking on your own without relying on other people telling you if there’s something wrong.

Track Performance and Load Times

If you’re not the one who is visiting the site, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to know if every page is working properly. By utilizing RUM and synthetic monitoring, you are able to track both performance as well as load times. This can help you in making informed decisions in terms of correcting these problems and working to find reliable solutions that will improve the overall user experience.


Find Your Most Viewed Pages

Marketing is an important part of running a successful online business. Because there is so much competition out there, it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s working and how to bring in the most visitors that you possibly can. One way to accomplish this is to use real user monitoring to find out which pages on the site are getting the most hits. You can even see where your customers are coming from, which can help you to know if one or more marketing strategies are actually working to improve traffic.


Machine Learning is Crucial for RUM

RUM is invaluable for many businesses. Online businesses have used it in conjunction with complex machine learning tools to improve the user experience for their customers.

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