Big Data Solves Website Loading Issues For Foreign Traffic

big data helping page speed
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Big data is helping online entrepreneurs address some of the most pressing obstacles that they have faced for years. Marketers have utilized deep learning technology to get a better understanding of their customers, so they can refine their creative and targeting strategies. However, there are less obvious applications of big data that are equally important. One example is the application of big data to expedite website loading times. This is especially important for marketers trying to reach customers in other regions of the world, due to the logistics of getting the website to load quickly.

Big data addresses website loading times in an evolving global market

Globalism has taken the Internet marketing profession by storm. One of my colleagues recently told me that he has started an e-commerce business that focuses on selling to customers in Latin America. A number of other entrepreneurs are following suit. There are many ways for online entrepreneurs to reach consumers in other parts of the world. In fact, there are more opportunities to monetize foreign traffic than to appeal to domestic Internet users. According to data from SimilarWeb, The United States only accounts for 38% of all traffic on Pinterest. My colleague also told me that it is a lot easier to get traffic from foreign users on Pinterest, Google and other traffic sources then it is to reach them in the United States. Part of the issue is that these traffic sources have become so saturated in the United States, so there is a much bigger opportunity to reach people in countries with less competition. However, there are some drawbacks. One of the biggest challenges is knowing how to provide a good user experience to the website visitors from other countries. Fortunately, new advances in big data have made this much easier. One of the biggest struggles online entrepreneurs face is trying to make sure their website load quickly. This is an even bigger concern if they are trying to reach customers in other parts of the world. Here are some ways that new predictive analytics and machine learning solutions are solving this dilemma.

Providing custom content in response to geographic Internet infrastructural issues

Some countries have much more limited Internet infrastructures than others. Surprisingly, some countries like Australia have worse Internet connections than many other parts of the world. Internet entrepreneurs must be aware of regional Internet connection issues. It is a good idea to present thinner webpages with fewer visual elements to these users, so that the website will load more quickly. Otherwise, the pages would not possible be able to load with such sluggish connections. Deep learning technology can make this happen. Machine learning algorithms are able to identify local Internet connectivity issues, so that they can provide custom pages within or content to those users. This is one of the biggest ways they can make sure websites load more quickly. This is one of the fundamental benefits of many WordPress optimization solutions.

Connect users to the closest server

Big data is also helping act as a bridge between Internet users and host servers. A number of companies are now using content delivery networks. These platforms use big data to identify the locations of Internet users. They then match those users to the nearest server, so that their content will load as quickly as possible.

Big Data is the key to solving website loading issues in a global market

The Internet has become more consolidated in recent years, at least in terms of geography. Companies are catering to customers all over the world, which has opened many new doors. However, this has also created some new challenges that they must cope with. One of their biggest challenges is making sure that their websites load quickly enough for their foreign website visitors. There are a number of ways that big data is helping them address this issue. They will be able to use new algorithms to make sure those visitors are connected to the closest servers and variations of their webpages that will load quickly enough if the visitors have poor website connections. There are several major reasons that big data has been a boon for online companies all over the world, but this is one of the benefits that warrants more attention.

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