The iPhone 5? So what?

With an updated look, and upgrades all over (including new earbuds) the iPhone 5 is sure to make a splash

With an updated look, and upgrades all over (including new earbuds) the iPhone 5 is sure to make a splash

So this week Apple finally unleashed the iPhone 5 on the world. With updated processor, larger screen and LTE, the iPhone 5 is a true competitor in today’s smartphone market. With key updates, the iPhone is now ready to compete. In the past year, Android devices have gotten bigger, faster and larger, making the iPhone looking slower, older and more uncomfortable.

However, Apple has created a product that will sell, and sell like hotcakes. Their upgraded processor (relatively) sips power, providing similar performance and battery life to the iPad 3 with a thinner and lighter package. The increased screen size has created somewhat of a conundrum, while still maintaining the same aspect ratio as other iDevices, it has an increased screen resolution (potentially creating FRAGMENTATION).

A bigger, better iPhone is a good thing. The screen size has been almost farcical in comparison to their Android companions (and the amount of “autocorrect” humor websites shows that the keyboard could use some growth).

An improved 4″ screen highlights the iPhone 5′s offering

While Apple has clearly raised their own standard with the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S is woefully outdated. The iPhone 5 fixes many of its shortcomings (or just where it stopped keeping up with other phones).

Due to a new connector, a new size and shape, the iPhone 5 is totally different from its predecessors. But what Apple really did, is create a new class of “haves” and “have-nots” within the community. If you have iPhone 4S or older, none of your gear will work with iPhone 5. If you have iPhone 5 cases and accessories, none will work with previous versions.

Should you Upgrade?

If I had any sort of iPhone, I would instantly upgrade. Yes, you’re going to be hit some larger than usual barriers to entry, (increased cost of accessories), but you will have the most advanced iDevice out there. While I’m not a Mac user myself (and would not buy this device personally), I can full heartedly recommend it to others.

Is the iPhone 5 right for you? If you already have an iPhone, most likely.

While the iPhone 5 possesses a number of incremental upgrades, the sum total is something special (which is to say nothing of iOS 6). If you are in the market for a new iPhone, get it now, and get it fast.