4 Industries Benefiting from Data-Driven Mobile App Development

These four industries are using data-driven mobile app development to benefit from adapting to their customer's needs. Learn more on our blog.

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As technology continues to evolve, industry leaders are paving the way by using new and emerging capabilities to their advantage. For instance, mobile app development has been an important feature of the last decade. As users demand more intuitive apps and mobile friendly websites from goods and services providers, how are key industries benefiting?

Below, we’ll take a look at four industries that were major mobile app early-adopters, and we’ll see how they’re reaping the benefits of data-driven app development.

What are data-driven apps?

First, it’s important to understand what a data-driven app actually is. Data-driven apps pull information from multiple sources either in real time, or with frequent upload schedules. They may use transactional, browsing or document data to create a full picture of the user, which businesses can use to improve their client experience or upsell products. (1)

According to the most recent App Annie report, there was a 26% rise in app downloads in 2020, as well as an increase in the amount of time consumers spent using mobile applications. Having a well-developed mobile user experience is critical to any business’s success, so which industries are proving most adept at using apps to their advantage? (2)


1. Healthcare

Particularly after the COVID-19 outbreak, the advantages of apps designed to help people manage their wellness needs cannot be overstated. The healthcare industry has risen to the challenge admirably, developing hundreds of apps to manage everything from booking appointments to attending virtual consultations and having medicine delivered. According to Fortune Business Insights, the market value for telehealth is expected to exceed $266 billion by 2026, reflecting the demand for digital health services. (3)

Through telemedicine apps, the healthcare industry is able to increase its market share of potential patients, as well as collect data on patient geography, treatment and access. This guide to developing a healthcare app is a great starting point for any budding telehealth entrepreneurs. (3) 

2. Travel

Travel agencies, hotels and airlines have long been utilizing data-driven app development to analyze consumer travel patterns and demand. 69% of consumers aged between 18 and 29 use mobile devices to research before they buy products, including vacations, so having intuitive mobile apps is critical for travel providers wanting to cash in on this opportunity. By utilizing past travel information and user preference settings such as their ideal seat or location wish list, travel providers can predict upcoming vacation trends and price their offerings accordingly. (4) (2) (5)

Data-driven app development has benefited more local means of travel as well. Largely due to ridesharing apps, it’s estimated that one in two trips starts on mobile, according to recent surveys. By analyzing current demand and hot spot locations, rideshare providers can position their contractors for maximum coverage, and benefit from surge pricing. (2)


3. Retail

A whopping 61% of consumers report having a more positive attitude toward a brand when they offer a smooth mobile experience. The influence of mobile browsing on offline retail sales is increasing year to year, and is expected to reach more than $1 trillion in 2021. (2)

The retail industry benefits from data-driven mobile apps both internally and externally. Internally they can use this technology to accurately view how much product is in stock and what is selling quick, enabling small to medium sized enterprises to restock efficiently. Externally, retailers can take advantage of browsing information and personal preference data to target the consumer with products they are likely to enjoy. (4) (6)

4. Telecoms

Perhaps one of the more prolific mobile app industries—thanks to their experience in the field—telecom businesses were early adopters of streamlined customer mobile experience. Initial versions of telecom provider apps didn’t include much more than personal details and usage overviews. Now, users are likely to experience targeted advertising, bill payment options and exclusive deals. (4)

By analyzing their customers’ details, telecom giants are able to:

  • predict which rewards or incentives their clients may be interested in
  • allow them to shop for products within the app
  • ensure the providers receive prompt payment by programming monthly bill reminders. 

88% of smartphone users have expanded their use of mobile coupons over the last few years, indicating that virtual offers work. And since they had a strong network connection they were able to complete all of that with great ease. Telecom providers can also upsell customers to higher value products with minimal effort, by targeting more comprehensive plan advertising to users who may utilize their whole data allowance each billing cycle. (7) (2)

Final Thoughts

Data-driven mobile apps could be helpful in most industries, as they allow business owners and analysts to build a fuller picture of their consumers wants and needs, and then respond appropriately. 

If your business is considering the benefits of data-driven app development, ensure your site is optimized for mobile users, and speak to a reputable app creation firm about how to create the best user experience possible for your customers. 


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