Utilizing Data Insights as Stepping Stones to App Development Success

Big data marketing is vital for app developers trying to garner the largest possible market share in a growingly competitive field.

app data for success
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Big data plays a critical role in the app development field. However, some developers get fixated on the integration of data in the app itself, without regard for the big data applications of the overall business model.

Big data is more important for app developers as they try to carve a share of the increasingly competitive market. Startup companies might have big dreams, but that could be all they have. The odds that any single new firm will develop the next big app are very low. Young enthusiastic programmers that plan on self-publishing a piece of mobile software may not fare much better.

Around 9 out of 10 startups fail, and more than 20 percent of them don’t even last a year. Rather than let yourself get worked up about the numbers, you should consider doing everything in your power to ensure that your new app is a success.

You’ll want to start by working on your app’s overall presentation. You will find a number of ideas to utilize big data to cultivate a business model that is most conducive to your app development strategy.

Data Insights Help with Choosing a Memorable Image for Your Brand

Even if you’ve developed the greatest app that your particular niche has ever seen people probably won’t flock to it if it hasn’t been branded properly. A program with a generic name and no logo might look like a cheap copy to users who scroll past it in the app store. That means you’ll want to have at least some image that you can build a brand around.

This is an area where big data can be particularly useful. A lot of startups have discovered the wonders of using machine learning to streamline their logo designs.

Many of the most popular apps have had noticeable icon bitmaps. Think about the apps that you use the most on your own devices. Chances are that you can picture the icons of every single one of them. You’ll want to have professionals on your team who are capable of making something that’s equally memorable. Tech logo design is a competitive industry, and there are a number of talented individuals out there who can tackle this branding chore.

Eventually, you’ll have to convert your new logo into an icon for home screens. This is another area where machine learning can be useful. You can use machine learning to automatically optimize the design for every possible device and format. Make sure that it takes up the maximum number of pixels. While Android and iOS can always scale logos down, they might make a small one look blocky and unprofessional if it has to be scaled up.

Once you have your app’s logo and icon squared away, you’ll want to write a clear app store description for it.

Data-Driven Design Can Make Your App Look as Professional as Possible

Machine learning can also be invaluable for creating better marketing copy. This is more important than it might seem.

Marketing copy might not seem that important, but potential users have a tendency to read the descriptions before they download anything. Make sure that your description makes sense. You may consider hiring a writer if you’re having some difficulty with it.

Native integration is very important for any app that has a prominent user interface and it wouldn’t be possible without major advances in data technology. If you’re writing apps that can run on multiple platforms, then make sure that the user experience changes somewhat when the app realizes that it’s on a different kind of device than it was originally developed for. New data analytics tools make it easier than ever to gauge customer behavior and optimize it for the best possible experience. Remember that the look and feel of your apps as well as their branding and logos is essentially the new public face of your business. If they look sharp, then your company is going to look sharp to consumers.

Small developers that plan to release more software in the future can play off this if their initial app is a success. If you have even one other program on the app store, then you’ll want to leverage existing users by letting them know about your new piece of software. Eventually you’ll need to focus on a broader marketing campaign that will tell the rest of the world how great your vision really is.

Successfully Marketing a Brand-New App

Newer companies tend to have very small marketing budgets, which makes it difficult for them to get much traction. Fortunately, running a social media campaign is essentially free. There’s no reason that you can’t use Instagram and Twitter to get out the message. It might be difficult to gain followers, but there’s certainly no shortage of potential users on these services. While you’re at it, don’t forget email marketing too – it’s still very much alive and kicking. It might be a bit boring, but fortunately there are several really good email marketing platforms these days that make everything a breeze.

Since you may not have the largest following on any platforms of this size, you might want to apply to be a guest on a popular technology-focused YouTube channel. There are a number of shows that actively search out people who share their passion for the tech industry and want to talk about new ideas. Considering that there are now over 1.5 million podcasts online, you might be able to appear as a guest contributor on one of these as well. Technology journalists often reach out to the community to attract interesting people to interview, which could potentially mean plenty of free publicity for your new brand.

Once people start to download your app, don’t forget to keep a record of your sales data. AI-based sales data processing can help you figure out which of your marketing campaigns are working the best. While it might take some work to refine your tactics, you should be able to enjoy at least some success once you’ve hit your stride.

Big Data is Critical for Marketing Your App

Big data is crucial for every aspect of the app development process, including marketing. That should give you more than enough clout to start developing your company’s second big project with new data insights.

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