Importance Of Using Data Analytics To Optimize Lead Pipelines

A vital key to business success is your ability to optimize lead pipelines and prioritize sales. In the age of big data, data analytics can make that process MUCH easier.

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Big data is utilized in many facets of business. One of the most important benefits of data analytics with lead generation and optimization.

Many experts agree that big data is reinventing the art of lead generation. There are a number of benefits of integrating data analytics into the lead pipeline. You need to know how to leverage your data resources to your full advantage.

What Are the Benefits of Using Big Data with Your Sales Generation Strategy?

When you have a longer sales cycle, you have an increased need to make it more visible throughout. Good pipeline software that manages your pipeline will boost sales revenue by as much as 30 percent while making the most profit out of it. This software uses sophisticated data analytics capabilities. However, there are other ways to use big data for scalability.

Ease of Conversion

One of the most important benefits of predictive analytics tools in the lead generation process is establishing the ease of conversion. Some leads are simply more likely to convert than others. You need to make sure that you aren’t going to waste a lot of resources targeting possible leads that are not likely to back out at other stages of the lead funnel.


Predictive analytics tools use a variety of scoring metrics to identify the probability that a lead will be converted into a paying customer. These variables include demographic information, the source of the lead, sentiments expressed and the product they are interested in. They can use existing customer data to help marketers focus on customers most likely to convert.

Streamlined Communication

As much as possible, you want to simplify and ease the process through expert pipeline software. This makes the process a better experience for customers because all too often, even some of the best leads will die out because of how they got trapped in the middle of the process. When you deliver a product that doesn’t fully meet up to the requirements of your customers, they might look elsewhere for a vendor that can respond to their needs better.

Cut out the Dead Leads

Data analytics tools are especially useful for identifying leads that aren’t panning out. You can use data analytics to monitor engagement and remove leads from your database if they aren’t likely to be profitable, even if your initial lead scoring software’s predictive analytics models suggested they would back out.

With pipeline software, you want to trim the fat from the meat. You have many dead leads that wind up wasting your time. As much as possible, you want to cut out the dead leads from your pipeline because it doesn’t amount to much productivity. You may even feel like your sales performance has begun to stagnate because of dead leads, and it can help you to focus on the most productive leads.


Monitor the Metrics

Keep a close eye on the data because this can help you to determine where to take your business next. Examine how many leads your pipeline has, the size of the deals and the lifetime of the deals before the close.

According to Kajabi, “Putting all the pieces of a successful business into one platform will help it to succeed.” Understanding these things with pipeline software ensures that you will maximize your sales and get the most from them.


Big Data Can Be Invaluable for Lead Generation and Conversion

There are a number of benefits of big data in marketing. Data analytics tools can play a critical role in generating and converting leads through various stages of the engagement funnel. You may need pipeline software with advanced predictive analytics features to accomplish this.