How Social BI and Data Analytics Professionals Used Twitter in January

twitter follow friday22 photo (analytics and twitter)Welcome to our monthly recap on data analytics and BI professionals on Twitter.

twitter follow friday22 photo (analytics and twitter)Welcome to our monthly recap on data analytics and BI professionals on Twitter. This month we’re focusing on two good news sources, a doodler and Social BI / Mobile BI influencers.

First on our list are two great news sources for BI and analytics news in the software and healthcare industries – @BISoftwareNews and @BIHealthNews. Each of these Twitter streams offer industry-specific news as they pertain to the information software and healthcare data systems sectors. Looking for more data analytics and BI Tweeps? Be sure to check out their Twitter lists.

Ted Cuzzillo or @datadoodle made our list of Twitter follows for the month of January with the best Twitter handle and his very interesting blog – DataDoodle. A data analyst, Cuzzillo writes on the decision support industry in a “free range” style. His take on data analytics software is that technology and business have to work together. Take this post: CIO Insight’s Monument to Redundancy.


Ramesh Babu is a techno-consultant in India and the brains behind the BIDW Thought Leaders LinkedIn Group. His blog offers insights, jobs, a bookstore for BI books and events in the BI/DW spaces in India. He makes our list for sharing a little Spotfire love on Twitter and reporting on #mobileBI on Twitter last month.

Becky Denniston is the community manager for the cloud computing, BI and supply chain and manufacturing channels at the expertise community She made our list as an influencer in the BI space because many of her community questions center on BI and social media. Check out the feed on her question, “What are the top questions a buyer should ask a BI vendor?”

Ron Dimon, a managing partner for Business Foundation – a BI and BPM consulting firm, popped on our Twitter radar via Denniston’s question on quizzing a BI vendor. He wrote a detailed brief on what to ask and published it on His recommendations drilled down into usage including #mobileBI apps and uses. Check him out.

Scott Hartz, the principal consultant and president at The GriffRex Group – a business performance management specialty group – makes our Twitter list for January for his news-like Twitter stream, plus lots of Spotfire ReTweets.


And finally an honorable mention to James Kobielus, lead Forrester advanced analytics analyst, who recently tweeted: “Did a client inquiry on BI and social techs interweaving. They’re interweaving in so many places that it feels like a double-helix trend.” To get a better sense of this interweaving check out his popular “BI in the Cloud” webcast.

As always, here is our #FollowFriday list for your convenience.


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Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team