How Big Data And AI Are Driving The CBD Gummies Industry

big data and AI helping CBD industry
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The CBD industry is growing at an astounding rate. So fast, in fact, that some companies are struggling to keep up with demand. And new companies are cropping up daily to get in on this brand new billion-dollar industry. But as the market becomes flooded with online outlets, it is essential for new companies to make proper use of the highly valuable resources that big data and artificial intelligence can offer. Comprehensive data analytics help companies in the CBD gummy industry in every area of business, from reducing costs while maintaining quality of the product, to managing inventory, to reaching customers in new and impactful ways.

Optimize Production From Seed to Shipping

Starting with the seeds, strains, and origins are tracked like never before. Seeds can now be carefully selected based on where they were harvested, which strains of hemp they came from, and how they were maintained. This helps farmers determine expected potency and exact chemical makeup of the plant before the seeds are even planted.

Data analytics contribute to farmers understanding soil and air quality, too. Hemp is a type of plant that will soak up everything in its environment. Makers of CBD gummies at Verma Farms understand that it is detrimental to the consumer, that the hemp grown for CBD consumption is grown in organic soil. The ground and the air should be free of harmful toxins and heavy metals. Verma Farms uses data to help them determine if the soil is suitable for growing hemp intended for CBD, and if the air quality is good enough to support healthy, robust plants.

Research on these benefits will continue to grow. CBDStudy states that big data is going to play a very important role in the process.

Optimize Care

If you have ever had a garden, you know that proper care and maintenance is detrimental to the growth of your plants. The weather can affect the colors of your flowers, the texture of your tomatoes, and the flavor of your grapes and berries. The same goes for potency and composition of hemp plants.

It would cost a fortune to monitor and adjust care in order to constantly keep up with the weather if it was entirely up to humans. But with AI technology, weather can be monitored and the environment can be adjusted on an hourly basis. This cuts down on waste, energy use, and cost, while creating the perfect setting for hemp plants to become exactly what the grower formulates.

Reputable CBD companies want to give their customers the best CBD gummies they can offer. Quality products must start with quality plants. And with new technology advancement, it is easier and more cost-efficient than ever, to grow the best hemp for each intended use.

Optimize Lab Results

Big data and AI can help CBD gummy companies create the best; most consistent distillate possible. Hemp can be wildly variable in its potency and composition. And some distillation techniques also contribute to the inconsistency and unpredictability. But using advanced technology and distillation techniques, companies can ensure they are getting the exact intended formula every time.

Companies can keep accurate records of results and even the tiniest variations, in order to hone their oils to be precisely what their customers want and need. They can use the information they record and process to perfect their CBD oils, or to create a new formula that will have different effects.

Optimize Inventory

Customers have an overwhelming amount of information to wade through, to learn what they need and the exact details of what they want to purchase when it comes to CBD. When they have finally navigated to a company’s website and put in an order, they do not want to find that the product is on back order and will not be available for two weeks. Additionally, when customers order CBD gummies, they want a fresh product.

High-powered analytics help CBD gummy companies gain knowledge about exactly what their customers want and which products to stock. From knowing which flavors are more popular, to knowing which formulas are most satisfying, CBD companies can use big data to help their companies succeed at satisfying their customers while mastering the art of good inventory management.

Engage With Customers

Makers of CBD gummies have challenges in reaching customers, because paid advertising laws are stringent and regionally-based, and social media rules are always changing. Data software can help companies avoid penalization for accidentally breaking rules, while targeting and educating consumers who are interested in their products.

Google currently has a ban on advertising any CBD products, Facebook only allows paid advertising for topical CBD products, and state and local laws are varied and complicated. So CBD gummy companies have to get creative in the ways that they reach their customers. Most methods would not even be possible if not for big data. Big data helps businesses in the CBD industry determine the most effective methods of getting their products in front of customers by providing valuable information about who their audience is, where they are, and what they want.


CBD gummy companies create educational blog material to help their customers understand the benefits of CBD products and the most beneficial forms for each purpose. They use data analytics to learn the best place to position these blogs so their customers can find them.

Blogs can be shared on social media. So CBD companies use analytics to find what their followers like, and what kind of information they are looking for. They can use this information to create targeted social media campaigns that do not “advertise,” but instead educate.

Email and Customer Rewards

CBD gummy companies cater to their customers by tracking what they purchase and when they purchase it. This allows a customized experience for the customer, through targeted emails and promotional campaigns. CBD companies can let their customers know that they are appreciated, through VIP programs and special discounts.

Excellent Customer Care

Customers of the CBD industry are usually looking for ways to improve their lives. Artificial Intelligence can make excellent customer care more achievable through providing real time answers to customers looking for help no matter where they are in the world, or what time of day it is.


Big data can help CBD gummy companies anticipate the needs of their customers and provide the best care available. These attributes are essential to any successful business endeavor, but especially in the CBD industry because customers are looking for brands that care.

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