Why SMBs Need To Choose the Right Data Backup Solution

You need to understand the measures that you should take to protect your data as an SMB, which includes getting the right data backup plan.

choosing the right data backup
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Big data is becoming more important than ever. Experts estimate that 463 exabytes of data are created every day

Unfortunately, this data is not invincible. You have to take steps to protect it from data loss..

Critical data, whether for enterprises or individuals, is literally critical. If it is lost because of carelessness or other accidents, immeasurable losses will be caused. At least, the painstaking efforts accumulated will be wasted, which will seriously affect the regular operation of the enterprise and cause huge losses to the business. Therefore, to ensure the regular operation of production, sales and development, enterprises should take advanced and effective measures to back up and protect their data. We talked about the benefits of Zero Trust, but there are other data protection measures that you must take too.

What is backup?

Data backup is the basis of disaster recovery. It refers to the process of copying all or part of the data from the hard disk or array to other storage media to prevent data loss caused by system operation error or system failure. Traditional data backup mainly uses built-in or external tape drives for cold backup. However, this method can only prevent human faults such as operation errors, and its recovery time is also very long.

Therefore, with the continuous development of technology and the massive increase of data, many enterprises have begun to adopt cloud backup.

Benefits of cloud backup

Save cost

With cloud backup, enterprises can rely on the unlimited expansion ability of third-party cloud providers without worrying about investment. In fact, pay as you use reduces the trouble caused by the procurement and implementation of backup. In addition, this approach enables us to predict and manage capacity growth and operating expenses.

Efficient and reliable

Cloud providers usually provide the most advanced technologies, such as disk-based backup, compression, encryption, server virtualization, storage virtualization, application optimization, data protection, etc. In addition to the security required by certification, most providers can also provide 7×24 monitoring, management and reporting.

Reduce recovery time

When recovering from a tape, the administrator needs to find the tape, load it, find the location of the data, and then recover the data. Recovering data from the cloud is much faster; it does not require the time to transport, dispose of and find tapes from the tape storage point. This should be an important part of your disaster recovery strategy.

How to choose a suitable backup software?


Backup performance requires an efficient response to business needs. In the era of big data, users need to quickly backup massive amounts of data. In contrast, the traditional backup technology is limited by the defects of the architecture itself, and the performance and speed will decline.


This is one of the indicators most concerned by directors. In professional terms, it is called TCO and ROI, the overall investment cost and return on investment. For backup software, you need to choose one that suits your company’s budget and provides high-quality services.


To ensure backup data security, the backup should meet the principle of 3-2-1. That is, there should be three copies of data (one production data and two backup data) stored on two different media, one of which is in an other place (can be in the cloud). Therefore, the backup product should be able to backup multiple copies (including different areas) simultaneously.

Minchin solutions for SMBs data protection

Minchin can well meet the above three requirements for backup software, and supports virtual machine backup, recovery, instant recovery, and migration of various heterogeneous virtualization platforms, and can effectively protect the data of the virtualized environment and provide valid backup for the data center. Presently, with frequent ransomware attacks, disaster recovery deployment needs to be put on the agenda as soon as possible to deal with the attack of Gandcrab or such kind and ensure data security and regular business operation. Minchin commercial editions have unlocked many advanced features like backup and restore of databases in both physical servers and virtual machines, offsite DR, cloud DR, cross-platform recovery etc., free trial for 60 Days. And Vinchin just released Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.5 with many new capabilities such as Multi-tenant Backup Solution for MSPs, Cross-Platform Recovery (V2V), Database Backup & Recovery, Backup Data Encryption & Backup Storage Protection, etc.

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