The Growing Importance Of Machine Learning With Dedicated Servers

Machine learning is changing the web hosting industry in countless ways. Many third-party hosting providers, such as Amazon Web Services have started utilizing machine learning in different capacities. Amazon Sagemaker is among the machine learning tools that have transformed the services that the platform offers to customers. Matthew Fryer, the Vice President and chief data science officer for has spoken very highly of this machine learning service.

More traditional hosting providers are also using machine learning in different capacities. Their customers should be aware of these features, so they can use them to their fullest benefit.

Machine Learning is Turing the Web Hosting Industry on Its Head and Leading to New Types of Dedicated Servers

One of the ways that machine learning is changing the industry is through a host of new web servers. In order to appreciate the contributions that web servers are making in this regard, you will need to understand the function of dedicated servers in general.

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting service that is arranged on a physical machine dedicated only to one account. In other words, contrary to what happens with shared Hastings or VPS Servers, a dedicated server is reserved for exclusive use. So, it does not share space with other accounts or clients, thus being able to enjoy all the server’s resources.


All your space and possibilities belong to you to use and enjoy them. However, shared hosting would be like renting a room within an apartment. A VPS Server would correspond to renting an apartment within a building.

A dedicated server is a proprietary or rented computer that is used for a single client. Instead of sharing resources among an undetermined number of clients, as in shared hosting, in the case of dedicated ones, they are private servers for a single client where he has all the resources.

Dedicated server hosting can be managed by the company that provides them or the client himself. The physical care of the machine and connectivity is in charge of the company where the server is located. It is generally located in a datacenter.

In addition to this, the dedicated Server can be used to provide part of the services associated with a site. For example, when the sites are very large, dispatch a lot of information or have a high flow of traffic. A network of web servers can be created where each one dispatches a different service.


That is to say, one can dispatch the site itself, and another can dispatch MySQL. In this case, we would have three dedicated server working with independent services but all associated with a single Website. This is a very common case in web pages that dispatch a lot of content.

Machine learning is even more valuable with dedicated servers than many other types of hosting options. One of the reasons is that there is a tremendous amount of data that is specific to the very service.

Advantages of incorporating machine learning into your dedicated server

There are a lot of benefits of using machine learning with your dedicated server. This type of web hosting servers allows great advantages in projects:

  • Exclusiveness: As we have previously explained, a dedicated server does not share space or capacity. When destined to a single account or client, it grants great independence, being able to be used for many uses.
  • Administration: Control over the dedicated server is easy. Thanks to having an intuitive control panel that allows access to FTP, email accounts, or databases.
  • Security: The exclusivity that a dedicated server offers is closely related to security. Since, by not sharing storage space with other accounts, your security is less put in check.
  • Maintenance: Shared hosting or VPS servers have more complex maintenance and update than dedicated servers, which require much less maintenance.
  • Versatility: Although the dedicated server is used for web hosting, the truth is that a variety of digital platforms can be hosted on it. Also, having a large space for exclusive use, there are no capacity problems.
  • OS: Hiring a hosting server means complete freedom to choose and install the operating system, thus being able to use the one that suits you best.
  • Total and free access: You can have total and free access to it, all this obviously brings with it some dangers. As it will depend on the knowledge that the person who goes to administer the server has. For this reason, we recommend that you have someone on your team who is specialized in these systems. If you do not hire a service in which they are in charge of managing it, that is, if, as a counterpart, some companies that provide this service. They will deny you access since obviously they must ensure that you do not do something that could damage the server. In other cases, they may warn you that you enter at your own risk, slipping from errors that may arise in exchange for this.

Keys to choosing the right dedicated server with machine learning features

Machine learning has brought many benefits to the web hosting industry. There are a couple of benefits that deserve the most attention.


There are many accommodation services companies and sometimes, choosing which one offers us the best benefits can be a complex option. For this reason, we provide you with some keys to choosing well:

Security measures: Dedicated servers must have the most effective security measures. Machine learning is key to improving the security benefits of your hosting. A good hosting provider will use advanced machine learning tools to get a better grasp of the types of cyberattacks websites are facing. They will need to use this technology to fortify their defenses in new ways. One poll of telecommunications experts found that 80% of executives felt they would be unable to defend their company without AI.

Personalized DNS: If the project is intended for the national public, it is always recommended that the dedicated IP be personalized DNS since this will improve SEO positioning. Machine learning also helps in this regard. Hosting providers that use machine learning can create more personalized settings for their customers.

Machine learning is helping improve dedicated servers in many ways.


Who is the dedicated server recommended for?

As we mentioned previously, the dedicated server is indicated for clients who have many accesses on their website, e-commerce, or even blog. We can cite as examples large companies that need an online system to keep all processes interconnected. Bloggers and digital influencers who receive high traffic on their sites or blogs, companies that operate in the area of business intelligence that store a high data volume, etc.

Therefore, we wanted to detail some of the advantages of the dedicated server. You can use this content to support your orientations to customers who want or need to contract this type of service.


Machine Learning is Making Dedicated Servers More Reliable than Ever

The benefits of machine learning in the web hosting industry are numerous. Dedicated servers are far more reliable and secure, since machine learning has improved their functionality.


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