5 Free eBooks On Big Data And Business Intelligence

ebooks on big data and business intelligence
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If you’re looking to learn more about big data and business intelligence, there are ways to increase your skills for free. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, one of the free ebooks below can be a great resource.

1. Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization – Second Edition by Cyrille Rossant

What you will learn:
• Install Anaconda and code in Python in the Jupyter Notebook
• Load and explore datasets interactively
• Perform complex data manipulations effectively with pandas
• Create engaging data visualizations with matplotlib and seaborn
• Simulate mathematical models with NumPy
• Visualize and process images interactively in the Jupyter Notebook with scikit-image
• Accelerate your code with Numba, Cython, and IPython.parallel
• Extend the Notebook interface with HTML, JavaScript, and D3

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Author – Cyrille Rossant
• Cyrille Rossant, PhD, is a neuroscience researcher and software engineer at University College, London
• He is a graduate of École Normale Supérieure, Paris, where he studied mathematics and computer science
• While working on data science and software engineering projects, he gained experience in numerical computing, parallel computing, and high-performance data visualization

2. Practical Data Analysis – Second Edition by Hector Cuesta, Dr. Sampath Kumar

What you will learn:
• Acquire, format, and visualize your data
• Build an image-similarity search engine
• Generate meaningful visualizations anyone can understand
• Get started with analyzing social network graphs
• Find out how to implement sentiment text analysis
• Install data analysis tools such as Pandas, MongoDB, and Apache Spark
• Get to grips with Apache Spark
• Implement machine learning algorithms such as classification or forecasting

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Author – Hector Cuesta
• Hector Cuesta is founder and Chief Data Scientist at Dataxios, a machine intelligence research company. Holds a BA in Informatics and a M.Sc. in Computer Science
• He provides consulting services for data-driven product design with experience in a variety of industries including financial services, retail, fintech, e-learning and Human Resources

Author – Dr. Sampath Kumar
• Dr. Sampath Kumar works as an assistant professor and head of Department of Applied Statistics at Telangana University. He has completed M.Sc., M.Phl., and Ph. D. in statistics
• His expertise is in statistical data analysis using SPSS, SAS, R, Minitab, MATLAB, and so on
• He is an advanced programmer in SAS and matlab software

3. Getting Started with TensorFlow by Giancarlo Zaccone

What you will learn:
• Start off by understanding the fundamentals of Go, followed by a detailed description of the Go data types, program structures and Maps
• Learn how to use Go concurrency idioms to avoid pitfalls and create programs that are exact in expected behavior
• Get to grips with the tools and libraries that are available in Go for writing and exercising tests, benchmarking, and code coverage
• Install and adopt TensorFlow in your Python environment to solve mathematical problems, get to know basic machine and deep learning concepts

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Author – Giancarlo Zaccone
• Giancarlo is a senior software and system engineer, where he tests and develops software systems for space and defense applications
• Giancarlo is the author of the following books: Python Parallel Programminng Cookbook, Getting Started with TensorFlow, Deep Learning with TensorFlow, all by Packt Publishing

4. R Deep Learning Essentials by Dr Joshua F. Wiley

What you will learn:
• Set up the R package H2O to train deep learning models
• Understand the core concepts behind deep learning models
• Use Autoencoders to identify anomalous data or outliers
• Predict or classify data automatically using deep neural networks
• Build generalizable models using regularization to avoid overfitting the training data

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Author – Dr Joshua F. Wiley
• Dr. Joshua F. Wiley is a lecturer at Monash University and a senior partner at Elkhart Group Limited, a statistical consultancy
• He develops or codevelops a number of R packages including varian, a package to conduct Bayesian scale-location structural equation models, and MplusAutomation, a popular package that links R to the commercial Mplus software

5. Odoo Development Essentials by Daniel Reis

What You Will learn :
• Install Odoo from source code and use all the basic techniques to setup and manage your Odoo server instances
• Create your first Odoo application
• Add Odoo’s social and messaging features to your own modules
• Get to know the essentials of Models and Views
• Understand and use the server API to add business logic
• Use Qweb to create custom Reports
• Extend Odoo CMS features to create your own website controllers and pages
• Leverage Odoo Workflows on your applications
• Write module automated tests and debugging techniques
• Deploy your Odoo applications for production use

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