Experts Are Tracking the Evolving Role of AI in Call Management

Artificial intelligence is redefining the nature of customer service. According to one analysis by Maruri Tech Labs, 85% of all customer service communications will be handled by an AI system by the end of next year. This is even true in call centers, which are surprisingly being disrupted by AI technology.

Although artificial intelligence is going to be extremely important in the future of customer service, it is still too early to determine the degree to which it will be utilized. The question ultimately boils down to the effectiveness of these new systems. This is something that technology experts are trying to grapple with in the coming years.

What is the status of AI in call center management and other forms of customer service?

As with any new type of technology, it takes time to ascertain the impact that big data will have on the industry. Nevertheless, there is early evidence alluding to some of the changes that artificial intelligence is bringing to the customer service profession. Experts have also started to begin speculating about the impacts that it will have in other ways.

Telephone systems have played a very important role in customer service for years. However, older phone systems have not been the most efficient for handling customer inquiries.


In order to use telephones to handle customer inquiries better, organizations need to make better use of technology. They have discovered that big data is invaluable for monitoring customer phone calls. Predictive analytics can help them anticipate the volume of incoming phone calls and make sure appropriate resources are allocated to handle them.

Here are some of the conclusions that most experts have made about the impact on telephone answering service and call center companies. .

AI will not eliminate customer service jobs. Rather, it will squeeze more productivity out of them.

There is a lot of fear mongering about the role that artificial intelligence will play in destroying jobs. People have raised a serious concern that automation will displace millions of people in the foreseeable future. Call center jobs being lost to AI technology is a prime example.


Most experts agree that the hype about AI destroying call Center Jobs is misplaced. The speculation overlooks the fact that it used to be difficult to give exceptional service in previous years. Customer service teams never had the manpower that was needed to fully deliver on customer expectations. Automation has helped them better meet customer expectations with the same number of people on staff. It will help them rather than replace them.

Chat bots could go mobile. But the logistics will be complicated to work out first.

Chat bots are redefining customer service. According to one study, 67% of customers have interacted with a chat bot recently. However, customers have mixed feelings about them. One poll showed that 43% of customers would not want to interact with one. A third of them felt that it was too likely that the chat bot would make a mistake. Although they are a lot better at their jobs these days, the concern about chat bots making mistakes is not unwarranted.

Chat bots are becoming more sophisticated. Over a quarter of customers said that they did not know whether their last customer service communication was with a chat bot or a person. However, there is still clearly a long way to go before these artificial intelligence-based customer service tools will match the quality of services that their human counterparts can deliver.


This is even more true with mobile chat bots. In the future, many chat bots will be seamlessly merged into the infrastructure of call centers. People can begin chatting with the bot on their mobile device while browsing the website. If they find the bot is unable to answer their questions, then they can be instantly connected to a call center representative through their phone.

The problem is that the technology to make mobile chat bots work well is not readily available yet. It?s going to take a lot of troubleshooting to get them working.

AI will make it easier to monitor call center employees and provide training

Training call center employees is a prime concern for everybody. Artificial intelligence has made it a lot easier to track their performance and help provide customized training.



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