Here Is How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Blogging More Productive

How AI is helping the bloggers
Shutterstock Licensed Photo - By Peshkova

It goes without saying that blogging has slowly and steadily evolved into an indispensable marketing tool. While marketers have been continually using the best possible strategies to improve the existing global blogging landscape, the inclusion of artificial intelligence has taken the ballgame to a whole different level. Moreover, blogging is one marketing activity that needs to be initiated flawlessly for massive returns and any deviation from the perfect path can readily diminish the gains and profits.

Why Blogging needs the AI Boost?

For someone looking to start his or her own blog, speed, scalability, and consistency matter the most. Moreover, blogging shouldn’t be about random topics but a process that needs intelligent execution to produce remarkable results. Artificial intelligence, therefore, is essential to the fate of modern-day bloggers as it offers a sense of proactivity to the proceedings besides making room for hard-hitting insights pertaining to creative content creation. Moreover, AI pairs perfectly with Data Analytics which make room for vastly improved blogging efforts. Firstly, the content creators can be augmented with AI and associated technologies at the helm. Most importantly, the content strategy for the concerned business also gets a massive boost with Artificial Intelligence added into the scheme of things.

Do not get surprised if in days to come, AI drafts an automated piece at the behest of the bloggers without even requiring human intervention.

In the subsequent sections, we shall look at some of the best AI-empowered strategies that can make blogging the most productive marketing venture, regardless of the marketers and companies involved in the process:

1. Brainstorming Ideas

Needless to say, finding the right topic is probably the most difficult aspect of blogging. This is where AI tools make way for actionable insights based on the inferences and acquired insights which offer intelligently brainstormed topics to the bloggers. AI tools, if used perfectly, can process and analyze all the blogs and topics that are available on the internet and come up with the best ideas that are relevant to the concerned business or blog. Nevertheless, there are quite a few AI-empowered tools in the market that provide extreme levels of competitive intelligence to brands; thereby helping them track the websites of competitors in real-time, precisely for gathering actionable data and the most relevant topics for content creation. A majority of these tools can also be used to identify the existing content gaps and even content creation opportunities which the competitors might have missed. Apart from these proactive AI tools there are also quite a few which helps create content that’s selling and prone to conversions. Most of these tools are powered by a specific Deep Learning engine which also assists in conversions, revenue generation, and better traffic generations. As far as the concepts are concerned, these tools work towards providing better content engagement across diverse platforms and channels, including social media and even mobile-centric platforms.


2. Grammar Improvement

While there are specific AI tools that offer relevant content creation opportunities to the individuals, there are quite a few that aim at fine tuning and improving the quality of the drafted blogs. One such example is Grammarly that comes forth as an AI-powered language and grammar checker that can provide insights based on the tone of the conversation and a host of other metrics. Unlike the built-in tools offered by select typing interfaces, Grammarly clearly justifies the inclusion of several additional attributes like tone and purpose of the blog; thereby coming forth as an AI-empowered tool. Moreover, these editing tools even find the peskiest of mistakes which are often ignored by human editor despite them having years of experience under their belt. What makes AI editing tools relevant is the influx of content followed by willingness of business to create the same.

3. Quality Improvement

Blogging isn’t only about identifying the best topic and fine tuning the same with grammatical improvements. Instead, it focuses on enhancing the quality of each and every piece that is to be created. This is where AI comes into the scheme of things as there are certain tools which take linguistics analytics into play and offer ideas to analyze and create content in a better way. Most important aspect of having such AI-empowered tool within the organizational schema is to standardize the quality of content which would then help the existing writers with their pieces, even moving into the future.

4. Narratives that are Data-Driven

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that AI-empowered tools can even replace humans to a certain extent; precisely for drafting short, data-driven narrations. There are certain tools which use NLG or Natural Language Generation for automatically writing data-driven instances, provided real-time insights are fed into them. However, the tool would require data in a properly formatted form. That said, human intervention might still be necessary to render a sense of flair to the write-ups which include apt conclusions, transitions, and introductions.

5. Maximized ROI

All things aside, the real focus of blogging should be towards increasing ROI and this is where AI-empowered tools come into the scheme of things. Most of these tools include NLP or natural Language processing tools which help companies audit the existing content marketing strategies. Deep Learning technologies are also in place to measure content performance and the existing trends which eventually make sure whether the existing content plan will work or not.



Artificial Intelligence is one exciting and innovative technology that offers additional strength to the existing content strategy of the concerned firm. With bloggers looking to hone their skills and create better content for the respective firms, AI-empowered tools can surely come in handy in a host of ways, as mentioned in the recently concluded sections. Now that we are already in 2020, we can expect an influx of additional AI-empowered tools in future that would play a major role in improving the content quality; thereby making blogging even more productive.