The Essential New Role Of Big Data In Software License Management

big data in software license management
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Big data is transforming every organization on the planet. However, companies that manage software licenses to address their needs are most affected by advances in big data.

Why Big Data Gives an Edge to Companies Managing Software Licenses

How many software licenses does your organization have? What value do they bring? Big data algorithms will help answer these questions and help you leverage your applications as much as possible. Tech Target has touched on some of these benefits in their recent article, but didn?t get into much detail on licenses specifically. We wanted to focus on it in more detail. Every organization wants to reduce operational, support, and software budgets over time. To ensure that the infrastructure costs and license spend costs are aligned to the business strategy – and to reduce the risk of being under or over licensed. But once the budgeting season comes around, software license management tools become benched, like a top NFL player being benched on the sidelines and is forced to wait until they can play on the field. However, business leaders are becoming switched to software license management and giving it the recognition, it deserves as a worthy investment that reduces IT spending.

Top Benefits of Using Big Data for Software License Management

There are a number of reasons that big data is improving the viability of software license management. This is especially true with healthcare organizations that use software, but other industries do as well. Here are some of the top benefits.

  • Reducing costs of compliance: According to one report by Gartner, an estimated 68% of companies are audited each year. They face significant fines if there are any defects with their software licenses. The good news is that the big data is helping them assess the risk of audits and identify defects that need to be rectified.
  • Minimize operational costs: You need to understand the cost structure of your SAM environment. You can find wasteful costs and find ways to cut them.
  • Project IT requirements: You need a clear understanding of your future IT requirements. Predictive analytics technology helps forecast these requirements. This allows you to invest more in resources that will help your software run optimally and avoid future bottlenecks.
  • Improve advantage in the competitive landscape: You need to make sure that your software is capable of maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Big data helps in many ways. It gives a 360-view that helps you assess customer requirements, as well as understanding the logistical advantages of your competitors and how those advantages should be tackled.
  • Repurpose existing resources: You may not need to develop new software licenses from scratch. You might find that existing software can be repurposed to address some of the problems your organization is facing. Big data allows you to do a quick assessment of your existing software licenses and see how it can be utilized to solve these challenges.

People Management

Most of the focus on the benefits of using big data to improve software license requirements is on the technology side of the equation. However, there are plenty of reasons that it helps with human resource management as well. You can use big data to get a better understanding of the talent pool within your organization. This allows you to make sure that you tap the right employees to make the software applications that your company needs to thrive.


Managing the software licenses in your organization saves you a lot of money in the long run. It reduces the chance of getting sued for fake licenses, and you can rest assured that your employees are well equipped with the right tools to complete their projects. Big data is the key to getting the highest possible ROI from your software licenses. It gives you deeper insights into your applications and helps you make sure that your employees are encouraged to their full potential. Predictive analytics, deep learning, machine learning, and other big data algorithms will be essential in the future. Don’t think of software license management tools as a simple application of your business, but view it as an important part of your organization. Thus, continue to use these tools to ensure that you, your employees, and your customers are satisfied.

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