How Big Data Is Changing The Customer Service Industry

What Is Big Data? (Just a quick refresher)

What Is Big Data? (Just a quick refresher)

Companies are driven by data, which is the only way that large companies with hundreds of thousands or millions of customers can keep up with the customer they have. A company that has a few hundred customers may be able to remember their customers offhand, but bigger companies that have millions of customers may a more difficult time keeping track of them. Customers want to be remembered when they go into certain businesses that have their personal information, but this is something that cannot happen without the use of big data. Big data is basically customer relations management, and any data that is collected can go through software and/or hardware that can inform the business about their customers and about the processes that have to do with the business.

What Changes Is Big Data Bringing To The Business Industry?

Big data is bringing many different changes to the business industry. If a person is going on a flight, then they expect that if they have frequent flyer miles, they’ll be remembered, and this only happens thanks to big data. The information from the customer is inserted into a system, and whatever frequent flyer miles and benefits they have should be listed. Without big data, a person may have to manually keep track of their own frequent flyer miles or any benefits they are owed from the airline, and they may not get the benefits they are entitled to. The best benefits for businesses is better customer service, more up-to-date information, and up to date data that can be analyzed as necessary. Those who have chosen to implement big data into their company will have an edge over any competition that doesn’t feel the need to have big data, and it’s likely that the company will see a rise in profits after the systems are installed.

What Industries And Businesses Can Utilize Big Data?

There are many industries that can use big data, including insurance agencies, car rental agencies, airlines, doctor offices, dentists, hotels, credit card companies, and much more. So how can a doctor or dentist benefit from using big data? If a doctor sees a patient, then the analytics in a health maintenance application can help to give the doctor suggestions on further treatments for the patient, which not only saves time but can be beneficial for the patient as well. Car rental companies have an easier time identifying customers who are the most valuable to them through big data. These particular customers can get different deals and benefits that other customers may not be entitled to, based on their loyalty. Even the travel industry can greatly benefit from big data. With the introduction of big data that is constantly being updated, it’s now possible for airplanes to know their own maintenance schedule, which then alerts the people who need to know about the maintenance needs, ensuring that the right parts are delivered for maintenance purposes. Big data is absolutely incredible in the fact that it can save tons of information that wouldn’t necessarily be able to stay on a basic computer or be analyzed without the right applications. Even call centers can use analytics in their systems to suggest to customers certain offers that the customer may be interested in or be able to benefit from.

How Does Big Data Help With Customer Service?

It’s very obvious how big data can affect customer service because it helps to improve it dramatically. If a customer is remembered through the information that the company has analyzed about all their customers, which may reach into the millions, it’s very likely that the customer will feel extremely important. Customers want to feel like number one, even if there are hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers with the same needs. Having the right information about a particular customer can be very helpful, especially when suggestions need to be made to the customer.

source: Salesforce

Thirty-four percent of millennials say they’d rather get their teeth cleaned at the dentist than call a customer service line, which just states how much customers resent the old ways of businesses handling customer relations. Industries that want the best for their customers will implement the hardware and software necessary to get big data in their business, especially since big data is a proven way to improve customer service and bring in additional profits.