Yash Mehta is an internationally recognized IoT, M2M and Big Data technology expert. He has written a number of widely acknowledged articles on Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning, 5G networks, Business Innovation, Cognitive Intelligence, Security technologies, Business strategies, Development etc. His articles have been featured in the most authoritative publications and awarded as one of the most innovative and influential works in the connected technology industry by IBM and Cisco IoT departments.His work has been featured on leading industry platforms that have a specialization in Big Data Science and IoT. Yash's work was published in the featured category of IEEE Journal (worldwide edition - March 2016) and he was highlighted as a business intelligence expert.He heads Intellectus (insight sharing platform for experts), Expersight (Research platform that generates actionable insights), Esthan (IoT focussed firm) and Board member of various tech startups. He was previously heading many Crypto, IoT and M2M mobile application projects of many corporates.Over the years, he has acquired an interest in the fintech world and researched various Business ideologies and methodologies which have enhanced his expertise and credibility in this arena. He has deep professional connections with many enthusiasts and experts in the aforementioned fields around the world. His work reaches over 50,000 readers in his domain every month. He believes "a good researcher can consolidate his work in good writing and a good writer is always a good thinker”. As a young entrepreneur, his journey has been very enriching, fascinating and fulfilling so far.
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What is Data Pipeline? A Detailed Explanation

Big data is shaping our world in countless ways. Data powers everything…

yashmehta yashmehta 8 Min Read

How can CIOs Build Business Value with Business Analytics?

Analytics is becoming more important than ever in the world of business.…

yashmehta yashmehta 8 Min Read

How is the ‘Mesh’ Resolving Bottlenecks of Data Management

If you are stuck with dumping data into warehouses and lakes then…

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Administering Data Fabric to Overcome Data Management Challenges.

The world we live in keeps facing unprecedented and rapid phase changes…

yashmehta yashmehta 8 Min Read

How Can Data Science Help in Spying Your Competitors’ Moves?

Curiosity is the mother of invention. Being curious about your competitor’s moves…

yashmehta yashmehta 5 Min Read

How data science and IoT helping in logistic management

Data science and IoT together have touched every bit of our life…

yashmehta yashmehta 6 Min Read

How Data Science will help in upgrading automotive safety

With the Internet of Things as well as Big Data subjects doing…

yashmehta yashmehta 7 Min Read