How You Can Use Big Data in Your Small Business
Big Data
Big Data

How You Can Use Big Data in Your Small Business

Ryan Kh - December 8, 2015

According to reports, approximately 90% of all data in the world was created in the last two year. This total amount is expected to double yearly -…

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Business Intelligence: Will 5G Boost Small Business Success?

Ryan Kh - December 3, 2015

Many experts originally predicted that 5G technology wouldn’t hit the market until 2020. However, a recent announcement from Verizon states that it could test 5G as early…

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BI: 5 Tips to Remember When Training New Hires Virtually

Ryan Kh - December 1, 2015

Online training is quickly becoming a popular alternative for traditional instruction. One survey concluded that over 60 percent of students believe virtual learning provides professional adults with…

Big Data

Incisive Data That Makes Small Companies Grow

Ryan Kh - November 27, 2015

Data is changing the game, no matter what industry you’re talking about. Data gives entrepreneurs the ability to look at their business from 30,000 feet, viewing trends…

Big Data

What Does Big Data Mean for the Future of Social Media?

Ryan Kh - November 18, 2015

The social media industry has grown leaps and bounds in the past decade, but some challenges have persisted. Major networks such as Facebook have struggled to meet…

Big Data
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An Inside Look at How Big Data Is Changing Fleet Management

Ryan Kh - November 2, 2015

While you don’t hear a whole lot about it outside of the industry, big data has fundamentally and systematically changed the trucking industry forever. Over the past…


How Big Data Is Transforming the Travel Industry

Ryan Kh - October 21, 2015

What the Travel Industry Is Learning from Predictive AnalyticsBig data has brought exciting changes to nearly every commercial industry, but none as great as an improved ability…


Securing Your Data by Protecting It Against Spam

Ryan Kh - September 30, 2015

Interestingly, most site owners out there do not actually think about security. That is a really bad thing because of the fact that websites are constantly being…

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How to Use Data to Improve SEO and Pay Per Click Results

Ryan Kh - September 18, 2015

How To Use Data To Improve SEO and Pay Per Click ResultsAs technology improves, so does the amount of tech data we can access. You want to…