Top 5 Things You Should Know About the AI-Driven Cyber-Attacks

Do you have your computer infected with the ZeuS virus? Read on to learn more about the way it works and the consequences of such an encounter.

AI-driven cyber attacks
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Big data technology may have brought many benefits to us. However, it has also created many challenges, such as malware threats. We previously talked about the dangers that AI has created with Modern Mac viruses. But there is another virus that you need to be aware of – the Zeus virus. This was brought on by dangerous advances in AI technology.

Due to the current availability of advanced Internet technologies, you can purchase products or pay for services instantly and hassle-free. Without leaving the comfort of their home, people can now buy lunch and real estate in another country. It is no longer uncommon for financial transactions between enterprises to be made online, while ordinary people are busy mining crypto coins.

Undoubtedly, to enjoy access to such fantastic opportunities, you need to log in to the system and indicate the account from which the payment funds will be taken. Sadly, wherever there is money, there are fraudsters and cyber criminals who want to take it. There were four billion records that were lost to data breaches last year. This figure is rising as hackers use more sophisticated big data technology to execute their attacks.

What’s worse is that many of them will definitely be successful as they try to pocket it. Indeed, that includes electronic money. Thus, the surest way to embezzle other people’s funds is to introduce yourself to the system as the account owner. These criminals are even using AI technology to make their schemes more effective.

There is a wide variety of methods applied by virtual swindlers to dupe the system into thinking that they are the rightful owner of the bank account and can manage funds kept in it. Perhaps the most widespread one is to steal the account holder’s name and the correct password and use those credentials to access their account.

It will be easy enough for hackers to access the system. They just have to trick it into “recognizing” the user. So, how can a hacker get their hands on your precious personal data? For these occasions, attackers have such a useful tool as the ZeuS virus.

This tool uses some of the most frightening AI applications ever developed. Hackers know how to use AI to exploit their victims in terrifying ways.

What Is the ZeuS Virus and What Are the Features of Its Operation?

One of the most dangerous spyware Trojans operating on people’s computers is a malware called “ZeuS,” which appeared about 13 years ago and made a lot of noise back then. Over time, the developer of this virus “retired,” and other groups of cybercriminals continued their initiative. They have used more deadly AI algorithms to make the virus worse than ever. This malicious software is distinguished from its counterparts by a wide distribution across the globe and rich functionality for stealing confidential user information.

It is relatively easy to get your computer infected with malware when exploring the web – of course if you do not follow any cybersecurity tips. By carelessly clicking on a link, for example, sent to you via email or messenger, or visiting an unfamiliar site, you can download a harmful program to your PC, which will secretly gain a foothold in the system and do harm to your equipment and finances. To fool the user and confuse malware’s actions with the operation of a legal and useful program, this type of the Trojan horse virus either infiltrates the system services or works under the guise of any necessary system service. The newest AI advances in malware technology have made it easier than ever for hackers to take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

Once in your computer system, the ZeuS virus operates quite easily. Its primary goals may regard everything you do on your laptop/computer, the work of programs controlled by the system, and the information specified or received by you.

Top 5 Things to Remember About ZeuS Virus

Now let’s clarify what hidden dangers this malware program brings. Here is the list of possible things this program does to the victim’s PC when it gets into the system:

  1. Everything you choose to “remember” on your computer (for instance, by allowing the system to “Save password”) becomes available to this virus, whether it is usernames, codes, or some other data, like for auto-filling fields on web pages.
  2. To prevent the ZeuS virus from “spying” on the information you indicate by tapping computer keys, sites often use a virtual keyboard tool. When entering a password, you left-click on the keyboard keys that are shown on the page. In this situation, ZeuS launches a different mode of action for obtaining user data – once they click the left mouse button, the virus remembers the image – the area of the screen around the cursor – so that the attacker will know which keys a person chosen on the online keyboard.
  3. This harmful program controls all data passing through your browser. Whenever the user tries to open a web page whose address is present in the ZeuS config file, this malicious software will change the downloaded page code before it appears in your browser’s window. Typically, a change lies in the creation of new fields for entering private and secret data. This computer virus teals the indicated PIN code for your card and shares it with its creator.
  4. Whenever you become a registered member of specific resources, they generate unique digital signatures on your laptop/PC, the validity of which is checked on subsequent visits. These signatures are called security certificates. In case your browser of choice does not provide the site with the corresponding certificate, you won’t get full access to this virtual-based resource. Upon infecting the system, the ZeuS virus detects them, intercepts these certificates, and transfers them to the hackers.
  5. Suppose an online fraudster wants to use your computer as a tool for performing illegal actions. In that case, this Trojan-type malware will provide its owner with the possibility to install all the necessary software on the infected gadget.

Therefore, if your computer suddenly “caught” the ZeuS virus, the virtual criminals will try to rob you if you possess any valuables they can take in their hands. You may not dispose of large sums, but the cyber attackers will attempt to use your PC for their criminal purposes anyway. To successfully fight this harmful malware, you need to seek help from professionals, such as MacPaw experts. Stay safe!

Understand the Risks of AI-Driven Malware Like the Zeus Virus

AI has made hackers more dangerous than ever. You need to be aware of the threat that they pose, especially if they are armed with malware like the Zeus virus. Fortunately, you can still protect against it with the right precuations.

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