Invaluable Tips for Selecting Internet Service in the Age of Big Data

Your Internet connection is a vital component of your strategy and daily life in a world increasingly dictated by big data.

Internet connection tips for big data
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Big data is changing the dynamics of the consumer experience in countless ways. One variable that we don’t think as much about is the nature of our Internet service in the big data era.

Back in July, we talked about ways that Internet service providers are using big data to provide a better customer experience. The general infrastructure of the Internet may not have changed much, but the services that customers depend on has changed a bit in a world governed by big data. You can learn more about the nature of Internet services for customers seeking services conductive to a big data experience.

Complexities of Internet Services in the World of Big Data

Internet access is as important as water and food. You cannot imagine a world with internet access. We are living in a digital world where people do business online and students are doing their graduation by enrolling in online courses. As consumers and businesses discover the benefits of big data, they are investing even more heavily in Internet resources.

The world has changed. The Internet has changed the way we live, communicate and we do work. The Internet of Things is changing things at an even faster pace.

In the past, the internet was used just for work purposes or it was a way of communicating with your loved ones living on the other side of the world but now everything is linked to the internet. However, big data has increased the number of benefits of online resources, especially at the commercial level. When it comes to business, from credit card processing to customer interaction, without internet access, you won’t be able to do business.

Getting an internet service is the most important decision that you will make today as that will have a great impact on your life. However, it won’t do you much good to invest in an Internet service that doesn’t align with your data strategy, whether you are a business or consumer. There are some things that you need to remember while getting an internet service as there are many internet service providers who offer different packages. We are going to highlight some important factors that need to be considered while getting internet service for your home or your business and ensuring that it aligns with your big data needs.

Different kind of internet connections for individuals and businesses relying on big data

There are different kinds of connections when it comes to the internet. Some of them are viable for a big data strategy, while others are not.

  • Fiber-optic
  • Coax Cable
  • DSL
  • Satellite

The fastest and most reliable connection is Fiber-optic. With a Fiber-optic connection, you get unlimited internet with a speed ranges from 100Mbps to 940Mbps. This is the most beneficial Internet connection for people and businesses that depend on big data.

You get symmetrical downloading and uploading speed when it comes to fiber-optic connection, it means that you will be getting the same uploading speed as the downloading speed. Fiber optic connection is not widely available and it covers only a few areas.

After fiber optic, comes the Coax cable connection, which is the widely available connection and it also offers high-speed internet. Coax cable connection is the best connection when it comes to residential and commercial services.

DSL and Satellite connections are usually available in rural and remote areas and offer speed up to 25Mbps. These two connections are usually used by those customers who live in rural areas and they do not have any other connection. They are almost entirely useless for people that depend on big data.


One of the most important things that need to be considered while getting internet service, check availability of the internet service providers at your location as the coverage varies from location to location. Before you do research on a specific internet service provider, check the availability of that provider at your location or it will all go to waste. You can check the availability of internet service providers at your location on different websites. Just put in your zip-code and see all the options available in your area.

Speed and Cost

Once you check the availability of providers in your area, compare the speeds and prices as these two factors will have an impact for the longer-term. Ask your neighbor what they are getting and are they satisfied with the services. You should know your needs before you reach to any salesperson. If there are multiple users in your who do gaming or streaming or you do work from home, you are going to need high-speed internet with unlimited data so you can stream and download as much as you want to. Many companies offer high-speed internet with unlimited data cap like if you get TWC internet, you can get up to 940Mbps speed with an unlimited data cap. If you are looking for an internet connection just to check emails or you do streaming occasionally, you are going to need basic internet and that would not cost you a lot. The price of the package would depend on the internet speed that you will be getting. The higher the speed, the higher the bill would be.

Security and reliability

Security and reliability of the connection matter a lot. You should get an internet connection that offers you the security to make sure that everything on your devices is secured while you use internet services. Without internet security, the probability of getting your device hacked is very high. So, make sure you get an internet security suite with internet services.

Get the most reliable connection. While getting internet service, ask your neighbor about what they use and do they face issues regarding their service often and if their services go out, how soon does the company restore it. Check the customer support and see how good they are as they are going to be the one you are going to deal with if you get the service.

Check bundles

If by any chance you are looking for cable services, check the bundles as well. With the bundles, you will be getting a discount on not just the internet services, you will be getting a discount on the cable services as well. The more you bundle, the more you save. So check all the bundles before you make a decision. You might fall for a good bundle.

Choosing the Right Internet Connection is Vital for Access to Big Data

Getting an internet service can be a crucial decision and it should be as it will have a great impact on your life so don’t just rush. You need to make sure that your Internet connection is ideal for your big data needs. Do your research on the options available, compare them, and then make a decision.

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